The best funding bots and increase Telegram members

There are many Telegram bots and many are their services, as now you can use Telegram to buy products and goods and pay for them simply using the Telegram platform itself without having to leave it, as well as you can buy and order food in addition to that you can download videos from all social networking sites and websites You can also know the weather and learn many things using Telegram, especially using Telegram bots.

We have previously published a lot of Telegram bots to you, and we have also published to you within our Telegram guide application, which contains a very large number of useful bots and targeted channels available on the Telegram platform.

Today, we will talk about the best bots that provide you with special services, including (burst and increase followers of Telegram channels and groups, increase views, increase interactions, increase votes, as well as get fake numbers using Telegram and the channel protection bot from the admin who deletes members) and much more You can find these services in this article.

The best funding bots and increase Telegram members

What are the best financing bots on Telegram?

There are many funding bots available within the Telegram platform, but few of them are honest in their work and offer you members honestly and without any cheating and manipulation by the bot developer.

Today, we will mention to you some of these bots that provide you with these services, in addition to some bots that protect your channel from sabotaging the admin or supervisor that you put inside your channel and other services, and these bots are:

Billion Funding Bot

This bot is one of the best bots that broadcast channels and groups on the Telegram platform with members, where you can collect many points from within the bot by inviting friends to the bot or by purchasing some points from the bot developer so that you can use these points from In order to get the members you want in your channel or your group.

Antiadmins bot

The function of this bot is one, which is to monitor your channel on Telegram from vandalism, where if you have previously uploaded an admin or admin within the channel and you are afraid that this admin will expel all members from within the channel, you can use this bot to protect your channel, as the bot will expel the admin directly when It is seen that the admin started deleting and expelling members from within the channel on the Telegram platform.

Nizuki numbers bot

This bot is one of the most powerful bots on the Telegram platform, and it is from the developer Asmar, the owner of the Nizuki channel on Telegram. The benefit of this bot is that the bot gives you fake numbers from different countries of the world that you can use to activate all social media sites, including the Telegram platform itself, through Collect points by inviting friends to join the bot or by purchasing a number of points within the bot, then you can use these points to buy the number you want and from the country you want as well.

Nizokigram throwing bot

This bot is one of the most beautiful bots of the Nizuki channel on the Telegram, although the bot is still new, but it has achieved wide and great success in its work as it provides you with awesome services within it, and among these services is increasing followers of Telegram channels and groups, increasing Instagram followers, increasing followers Facebook, increase Twitter followers, increase Tik Tok followers and more services it provides such as increasing views, interactions and even comments within posts on social networking sites.

Nizuki X . Bot

One of the members’ financing bots within the Telegram, where by collecting points within the bot by inviting friends or sharing the link on social networking sites, you will get a certain number of points that you can use to buy the number of members you want in order to fund your channel within the platform Telegram real members.

NitroSeen Bot

It is one of the most powerful foreign bots in throwing and increasing interactions and views, as well as even voting on the referendum within the channels and groups of the Telegram platform, by sharing the link of your invitation code with friends to organize the bot, and then you will get approximately 300 points for each joining within the bot through your link.

A . Nizuki Bot

One of a group of finance bots from developer Nizuki Channel.

Nizuki C . Bot

Another bot for throwing Telegram members is similar to the bots mentioned in this article.

Nizuki D . bot

These bots above are also among the most powerful bots in financing channels on Telegram, and they are similar in their work to the Nizuki X bot that we mentioned to you above a little while ago in this article, where by collecting points you can get the number of real members you want in your channel or group on your telegram platform.

Funding Bot 10 Million

One of the most famous members financing bots on Telegram, where by collecting points you can also get a large group of real and fake members within your channel and your group on Telegram.

green financing bot

This bot is not much different from the bots that I mentioned to you above, because all of these bots have one goal, which is to fund Telegram channels and increase the number of their followers within the platform, not only Telegram channels, but you can fund your groups within Telegram as well, by collecting points through sharing Link your invitation code with others.

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