Does WordPress Provide Hosting


Does WordPress Provide Hosting

WordPress websites currently make up 40% of all websites on the internet, making them the most common way to create websites in 2021. Three elements are required to run a WordPress website: the WordPress software, the content of your website, and WordPress hosting, which stores all the code.

Although WordPress provides web hosting directly on the website, this isn't always the ideal option because your website's functionality is constrained. vs. WordPress.Org

  • You may have noticed that there is and What is the difference between the two? Which one should you use? Let us start with a basic overview.
  • For websites built directly through the website, WordPress offers hosting. Co-founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg created this commercial service. On the website, you create and publish your personal website.
  • You can utilize open source software on your personal web hosting for free thanks to Due to the fact that you require your own web hosting and domain name, WordPress is occasionally referred to as being self-hosted. The term "WordPress" refers to this open source application.
  • WordPress uses a custom version of the software provided by, so there are limitations. The full power of WordPress can only be used with your own WordPress hosting.

Does WordPress offer hosting

Yes, WordPress provides both free and premium hosting options on There are no up-front expenses and you do not need to buy a separate domain name if you host directly on WordPress is set up and updated for you automatically.

Even the paid plans have restrictions, so you may easily outgrow You can only use the plugins, themes, and tools included with; they are not all available straight from

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Restrictions of free websites hosted on

  • Custom domain names cannot be used, and you are limited to one subdomain.
  • Themes and plugins cannot be installed, and the themes provided cannot be customized with CSS.
  • Users will see ads on your site's home page and you will not make money from them, nor can you add your own ads.
  • WordPress branding in the footer cannot be removed.
  • Limited SEO and analytics tools for the website.
  • No options for backing up the website.

Limitations of websites hosted on

  • The tools, plugins and themes you have access to are limited to those built into, not the entire catalog available directly from
  • The costs can be higher than with traditional web hosting.

You must spend at least $50 annually on a package in order to use a custom domain name and get rid of advertising on your website if you intend to use professionally. However, if necessary, you can register a domain name directly with when you create your account. Domain names can be registered through a variety of organizations.

The next tier is Premium, which costs $96 annually. In order to commercialize the site, it primarily provides backups, Google Analytics integration, the option to apply custom CSS, and the ability to run your own advertisements. However, will require a portion of the revenue made.

  • The $300 per year business plan allows you to install compatible themes or plugins. Besides, you can remove the WordPress footer link and get SEO tools.
  • To create an online store, you need the eCommerce plan for $540 per year. There are also VIP plans for enterprise-level websites, though they start at just over $20,000 per year.

Themes and Plugins

  • There are around 100 free themes available, and an additional 80 can be bought separately. These themes are all unique to and are not interchangeable with those offered for self-hosted WordPress websites. Note that without a subscription plan, these themes cannot be modified using CSS.
  • Although the core WordPress package comes with the necessary functions to get a site up and running, the majority of users will require extra features that can only be added by plugins. You can install specific plugins starting with the Business plan; otherwise,'s capabilities are your only options.
  • On sites, you may add contact forms, surveys, and reviews, among other basic Jetpack capabilities. Additionally, it keeps track of site activity, including when new themes are activated, when pages and posts are published or edited.
  • It's vital to be aware that not all themes and plugins are compatible with websites hosted on If you wish to use a certain theme or plugin, make sure to verify with the developers.

Should I host on WordPress

If the above limitations do not prevent you from achieving your website goals, hosting at may be suitable for you.

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