Dow Jones Pops; Tesla wins as Elon Musk makes that promise; Coinbase as Bitcoin rallies


Dow Jones Pops; Tesla wins as Elon Musk makes that promise; Coinbase as Bitcoin rallies

The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased as inflation statistics exceeded expectations. After CEO Elon Musk made a pledge during his Twitter (TWTR) battle, You're here (TSLA) increased. In the midst of a surge in Bitcoin, Coinbase (COIN) was up despite dismal results. One of the best blue chip stocks was Apple (AAPL).

Among the numerous names passing buy points were three equities. All inputs were evaluated, including Albemarle (ALB), Graphic Packaging (GPK), and Greif (GEF).

Volume was mixed, down on the Nasdaq but up on the New York Stock Exchange from the same time on Tuesday.

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury fell one basis point to 2.79%. West Texas Intermediate crude oil rose about 1.5% to just under $92 a barrel.

Inflation data gives Fed leeway

After inflation statistics came in cooler than anticipated early on Wednesday, stocks surged. Consumer prices were steady in July, better than the forecasted 0.2% increase and a drop from the 1.3% increase in June, according to the Labor Department's CPI inflation rate.

Compared to a year ago, inflation increased by 8.5% in July, which was less than the consensus expectation of 8.7% and the annual rate of 9.1% in June. According to senior market analyst Edward Moya of Oanda, the data caused traders to reduce their bets on the Fed raising interest rates.

In a message to clients, he stated that "Wall Street now sees a Fed turnaround in September as prices reflect a half-point hike." "If inflation drops more, the bull market will pick up speed."

On Thursday, the producer price index, which gauges wholesale inflation, will be made public. Positive information may give the present stock market rise more traction.

Nasdaq soars as small caps impress

Among the major indices, the Nasdaq shone the brightest. It increased 2.6%. One of the strongest performers, Z-scale (ZS), increased 11%.

The S&P 500 increased as well, rising 1.8%. This was good news for cruise stocks, with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) rising by more than 11%.

Overview of the US stock market today

IndexSymbolPriceloss of profit% To change
Dow Jones(0DJIA)33189.03+414.62+1.27
Russell 2000(IWM)195.29+5.10+2.68
INN 50(FFTY)29.47+0.73+2.54

Last Updated: 5:10 PM ET on 08/25/2022

The S&P 500 sectors were all positive. Materials, Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary and Technology all outperformed. Only the defensive utilities sector struggled to make progress.

Small caps, however, gave bears the bloodiest noses, with the Russell 2000 Index rising 2.8%.

The Innovator IBD 50 (FFTY) ETF, a benchmark for growth stocks, fared almost as well with a 2.7% gain.

Dow Jones today: Apple shares soar

The majority of the day's gains for the Dow Jones Industrial Average were held. It increased 1.4%.

With a rise of more than 2%, Apple stock was one of the Dow Jones' top performers today. A good sign is that the relative strength line has risen to new highs.

According to MarketSmith analysis, the price of AAPL stock is currently considerably below a potential buy mark for a consolidation pattern of 183.04.

However, Walt Disney (DIS) did best, increasing by about 4%. The business is getting ready to announce its results after the closure.

Tesla stock gains as Elon Musk makes a promise

On Wednesday, Tesla shares recovered despite reports that CEO Elon Musk had sold another enormous amount of stock as part of his continuing takeover conflict on Twitter. The oddball CEO claimed he sold nearly $7 billion worth of stock to avoid having to do it at an awkward time.

It's crucial to prevent a fire sale of Tesla stock "in the (hopefully rare) event that Twitter forces this acquisition through (and) certain financial partners don't materialize," he tweeted.

Additionally, he pledged that in the event that the Twitter acquisition falls through, he would buy back Tesla shares. If Musk loses a forthcoming lawsuit, he might be forced into a $44 billion acquisition of Twitter.

You are here while the stock increased by roughly 4%. According to MarketSmith's research, this resulted in a consolidation with a buy point of 1,152.97.

TSLA stock is currently a stock to monitor as it is still far from its entry. After passing below the crucial 200-day moving average, it is now attempting to go closer to it. TSLA is still much above the 50-day moving average. With a rise of over 3%, Twitter shares also soared. TWTR was able to depart from its own 200-day line as a result.

The market rally enters the power trend; These EVs play flash buy signals

Coinbase Stock Ignores Profits as Bitcoin Rallies

Despite a weak quarterly report, Coinbase's stock price increased. The price of Bitcoin was growing, which helped it.

In stark contrast to experts' predictions of a loss of $2.65, COIN lost $4.98 a share. The company also experienced a nearly 64% decline in sales from a year ago to $808 million as a result of the collapse in cryptocurrency pricing. Additionally, it decreased the projection for users that make transactions for the entire year. From a range of 5–15 million users three months ago, it currently anticipates 7-9 million users transacting each month.

According to CoinDesk, Bitcoin was trading close to $24,000 after increasing by almost 3% over the previous 24 hours.

Among other cryptocurrency games, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) Surged Nearly 5% As Bitcoin Mining Plays Riot Blockchain (RIOT) climbed almost 12%.

Outside of Dow Jones: 3 stocks offer buy points

After pressing back above a restricted grip of 250.25 in a new cup pattern, Albemarle is useable. The market has recently underperformed the large-cap lithium mining giant. Its IBD aggregate grade of 97 was attained through a combination of good earnings and price performance.

The stock was placed on Wednesday's coveted IBD Leaderboard list of the finest stocks thanks to its bullish surge.

After passing a mug with handle purchase point on September 23, Graphic Packaging is now in a buy zone. Since this is a first-stage model, its chances of success are higher. Recently, Big Money purchased GPK shares. Its best accumulation and distribution rating of A+ reflects this.

Finally, Greif is trading just below a consolidation pattern entry of 72.10. Revenue is a major asset for industrial packaging and containers. Revenues have increased by an average of 124% over the past three quarters. He also sits at the top of the container/packaging industry group.

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