Blogger Vs WordPress - What's Right For You ?

Blogger Vs WordPress - What's Right For You?

 Which blogging platform should I choose

It can be difficult to decide on a platform for your new company blog. There are so many possibilities, each with unique benefits and drawbacks. The two most popular platforms are Blogger and WordPress. I want to aid you in selecting the platform for your business blog in this article. I want to give you some background information on Blogger and WordPress before we do that.

Blogger was founded on May 9, 1999, by a small company called Pyra Labs. It was one of the first tools for blogging or online publishing at the time. After Google purchased Pyra Labs in 2003, the platform was solely moved to Google-owned and -operated devices throughout the ensuing years. Today, one of the most popular websites worldwide is Blogger.

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When WordPress was first created in 2003, one of its primary aims was to enhance the typography of common web texts. They had no idea at the time that WordPress would grow to be the world's most popular self-hosted blogging and self-publishing platform. The WordPress engine powers the blogs and websites of millions of people worldwide.

So that's the background on Blogger and WordPress. So which one is right for your company blog ?

How much do they cost

Since most firms are worried about this, I'll start with the financial considerations. Thankfully, Blogger and WordPress are both completely free. They do not require a license purchase or continuing membership costs in order to utilize them. However, there are two variations of WordPress. Self-hosted and hosted. For self-hosted WordPress, you must purchase a web hosting plan in order to host your blog, whereas hosted WordPress is self-explanatory in that your blog is hosted on WordPress servers. In contrast, Blogger does not provide a self-hosted alternative and is entirely hosted. I'll be referring to the self-hosted version of WordPress for the rest of this article. In conclusion, if you have a very limited budget, Blogger is the more affordable choice.

Can I utilize these tools with my own domain name

In a nutshell, sure. WordPress is hosted on your own server, giving you complete control over the domain name. Though all of your material will still be housed on Blogger's servers and the setup may require some technical know-how, Blogger also allows you to link your own domain at your blog.

Can I customize my blog

You may completely change the style and feel of your blog with WordPress. There are tens of thousands of WordPress themes available, and if you are familiar with HTML and CSS, you can construct a unique theme to match your company website, or you may engage a web designer to do it for you. While Blogger does offer certain layouts, they might be somewhat sparse and cannot be fully integrated with your company website due to the fact that they are hosted.

Do I have control over my content

Without a doubt with WordPress. You have the ability to back up your content and keep it safe in case a problem ever arises because the website is hosted on your web hosting system. You can also manage what information is posted on your website. If you decide to use Blogger, you should be informed that you will have very little control over what happens to your content and that it will be stored on Google-owned servers. Although it might not be a major issue, you should consider it when making your decision.


In conclusion, despite some drawbacks, both Blogger and WordPress are excellent choices for corporate blogs. Blogger is definitely the best option if you want a quick and simple blog platform that is handled for you, but bear in mind that it gives you less freedom. However, I would advise blogging with WordPress if you want a blog that you have complete control over and access to all the customization tools.

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