How can I make the most of Telegram

How can I make the most of Telegram

How can I make the most of Telegram

4 years telegram summary

Telegram is not just a secure means of communication that surpasses WhatsApp with many advantages that we just need to mention here, but you find on Telegram what you may not find in popular search engines! Apart from some of its negatives that are originally due to its misuse by some users, Telegram is always developing itself for the better, and I find no better than the (folders) feature that made it more organized than WhatsApp; Where you can separate groups, channels and messages according to their topics, making the regular and academic study groups in one folder that you choose to name, and another folder for groups and channels of work and professional life, and a third folder that makes it a private library in which all channels of e-books, publishing houses and magazines are collected, and a fourth Make it for personal messages only so you can easily access it amid the hundreds of messages that arrive daily from groups and channels.

 The beautiful thing is that there is no set number of folders, and this is a blessing if we can describe it as that, and whoever tried Telegram before updating the folders will know how annoying it was when we search for a message from people among the thousands of useful channels that we can not do without or leave. And then, I'll bring you the summary of almost 4 years on the Telegram platform!

First: Telegram as a library

  • I created a private channel (not public for everyone) in which I put my books that I read constantly either by switching from book channels to my channel in less than one second, or by uploading the book to the channel. With this, I can refer to the book on any device where I logged in with the same Telegram account. The book is not linked to one specific device, and I do not need to buy storage space from Google, and I use the freely available for my account in it for other files.
  • I switched from writing down the benefits and writing quotations on paper or shading them - which we can't do with borrowed books and in public libraries - to keeping them in one special channel I called "Kanasha". Where I photograph the part I want to keep as a screenshot and put it in the channel attached with the name of the book, its author, page number and one short line about the nature of the transmitted text so that it includes expressive words that enable me to access it when searching in the channel with certain words.
  • I made my unpublished comments and observations on books that are the tips of the pens to make a "review" of the book in a special channel so that I can refer to it when writing a review about a book or expressing an opinion on it or in debate sessions about it.

Second: Telegram as a platform for education

  • With education shifting to distance education in light of Covid-19 “Corona”, Telegram had a large share of communication between faculty members and students, yes, unfortunately, some professors ignored it and used WhatsApp instead, but I say it with confidence that Telegram has the possibility of classifying into folders Live broadcasting, linking groups to channels, and as a cloud storage, it is not easy for the user to lose what happens in WhatsApp or miss some messages because the application is deleted, all of this gives it priority to use as a platform for communication and dissemination of educational materials.
  • There are many free initiatives, academies, institutes and scientific programs on Telegram in various fields, and there are channels specialized in collecting those advertisements for free courses and programs and publishing them on Telegram.
  • You can take advantage of the open and public channels of certain faculties in universities, where some lectures for students, courses and summaries are published on them. By chance, I found a channel for one of the colleges in the field of humanities, and although I do not have time to look at the published content until this moment, I keep it and may return to it for my need.

Third: Telegram as a search engine

  • One of the advantages of Telegram is that you search for one or more words in the search box, and hundreds of results related to this word will come out from public channels and groups, as well as those that you have joined, so you have a huge stock of text, paper, audio and video sources for what you are looking for without the need to open all A site and access to it, and the site may use our data in some way, I mean a Google search!
  • The user can search for something in a specific window, where the priority of the search results related to the channels and groups that the user has joined, simply when you join a channel or group on Telegram, you are choosing it willing to benefit from its content based on your trust in it in some way Your search is not random in websites and forums.

Fourth: Telegram as a means of communication

Telegram is distinguished with regard to messages exchanged between people by:

  • Super speed.
  • Message encryption makes it extremely secure.
  • The possibility of deleting messages even from the other party even if it has been a long time, and to be honest, some consider it a disadvantage of Telegram.
  • You can communicate using the "UserName" without the other seeing your phone number unless your number is in his saved number record.
  • Secret conversations are already very secretive, have a "message timer" or "self-destruct message" feature, and the user sets a duration of 1 sec or more. The images are encrypted and the conversation is encrypted. Screenshots cannot be taken.

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