How to permanently delete a Telegram account


How to permanently delete a Telegram account

How to permanently delete a Telegram account | Delete Telegram

In this article, we will talk about how to permanently delete Telegram accounts, step by step, illustrated with pictures. Until now, Telegram is a secure, highly-encrypted messaging application that has high messaging features that distinguish it from the rest of the programs, but there may be several reasons for the user to delete the account, and from this principle I will explain you in detail.

Telegram is a chatting application developed by two Russian brothers and they are considered one of the most famous developers in Russia due to their development of the largest and most famous Russian social network, which is called VKontakte. This application so that the conversation in it is highly protected.

How to permanently delete a telegram account.

If a user wants to permanently delete Telegram, or as it is said in other dialects, delete the Telegram account, the following images show what you must do and let users of this application know that deleting the application only does not mean deleting your account inside it.

To clarify, when you delete your account, it will appear in the person you were talking to in the Telegram application under the name Deleted Account, meaning that there is no name or your data, knowing that when you return to register again in Telegram, you will find that all secret conversations that you created before deletion have been permanently deleted and you will not be able to Than to retrieve any previous conversation.

The steps are as follows:

  1.  Enter the Telegram website to delete the accounts by clicking here.
  2.  Enter your Telegram number to which your account is currently linked, and click Next, as shown in the following image:
  3.  You will receive a message on the Telegram application in your phone or on your Mac containing a password, copy it as shown in the image:
  4. Return to your browser, paste the password you received in the space provided, and press Sign In:
  5.  A confirmation page for deleting the account will appear in which your number is written, type as it is in the image in the lower rectangle, I'll be back and press Done.
  6.  A confirmation page for deleting will appear, press Yes, delete my account as shown in the image:

After deleting your Telegram account, you will be able to register with the same number again, but if you have created a private username such as, it will be deleted and will be available to others.

You will lose all the secret conversations that you created while using this application, and you will lose the channels that you created, as well as you will lose all the data inside your account, and this is the way to permanently delete the Telegram, I hope you benefited from it.

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