Protect your account on Telegram from hacking now and see if someone is spying on you


Protect your account on Telegram from hacking now and see if someone is spying on you

Protect your account on Telegram from hacking now and see if someone is spying on you


Many of us fall into problems inside the Telegram or away from the problems, thinking that someone stole it and opened his account inside the Telegram at the thief, which causes confusion, fear and anxiety about some things and problems that can occur inside and outside the account when the thief accesses sensitive content of account holders such as pictures A character, for example, should not be published, and this is what happens a lot with girls, as they most often fall victim to electronic blackmail. To get rid of anxiety and find out if someone opened your account with him and know how to get rid of it, follow the following explanation and steps.

the details

Peace be upon you. In this part of the article, we will delve into the details of the topic, which is how to find out if someone is spying on us via Telegram or not.

In order to be able to do this, you do not have to know complicated experiences and information, as some say, but all that is required is that you must follow some steps in order to make sure that your account is not monitored.

But before addressing and delving into the subject, you may be asking, and a question has crossed your mind in the past, which is, is it possible to hack and hack the Telegram application?

With the large number of videos within the communication platforms and within YouTube and Tik Tok, it also tells people that there are those who can hack Telegram accounts and a lot of this talk, but unfortunately we see viewers drifting behind the publishers of these videos and do not know the truth of the matter, which is that Telegram is protected and encrypted and no one can hack Telegram accounts. To prove the validity of the power of Telegram, the founder of Telegram made a challenge to all who say I can hack Telegram, where the owner of the company put an amount of (300,000 US dollars) for anyone who proves that he can hack Telegram. There are also various financial prizes given to those who find vulnerabilities within the application.

If there is no penetration of Telegram accounts, why do we see some people saying that their accounts were hacked and their data and information were stolen from within the Telegram? What is the problem exactly and what happened to them exactly?

Frankly, I do not know what exactly happened to them, but what I know is that they have been deceived and their account has been stolen through deception, nothing more, the attacks that can get accounts not only from hackers, but also an 8-year-old child can be experienced in carrying out these attacks through, for example :

  • Creating a fake page that deludes the account holder by increasing the number of contacts on his account within the Telegram.
  • Creating a page or bot that deludes the account holder to increase the number of followers and subscribers within channels and groups.
  • Through social engineering tricks, some are able to steal accounts in many different ways.

And more methods of deception and thefts that occur. Telegram says that it can protect you from outside your home, but it cannot protect you from inside the house. You mean here that Telegram provides maximum protection for you and your account from external exposure, and that your privacy is one of their priorities, but Telegram cannot protect you from the inside, and it means from your lack of knowledge of things Which helps you protect your account on the platform exposes you to the theft of your account on Telegram and through many ways, some of which have been mentioned to you above.

Now how can we know if someone is spying on us or if someone has opened our account with him and sees all our movements inside the telegram? How can we find out and how do we stop it?

Simply this is possible on various devices and the most common is the smartphone with Android and iPhone systems.


This is possible through:

  • Go to account settings on Telegram.
  • Access the privacy and security of the account from the settings.
  • We are looking for something called (active sessions) and get into it.
  • After entering the active sessions, you will notice the presence of all the devices in which the user's Telegram account has been opened and through which it is possible to log into the account. You can distinguish between devices simply because Telegram reminds you of the location and name of the devices that were used to open the account. When you find a strange device, you can log out of the active sessions in order to delete the account from the other person.


This is possible through:

  • Go to your account profile on Telegram.
  • Enter the command (devices).
  • If the matter is not present in the account profile, we enter the settings and search for the same thing.
  • After entering the devices, we apply the same information that was mentioned above in the Android system.

Some information and tips from Telegram.

  1. It is preferable to pin the conversation of saved messages and the conversation of service notifications from Telegram at the top of the list of messages.
  2. Everyone must activate the two-step verification mode and link an email (email) for the recovery process in case of forgetting the password.
  3. When a new person enters your account without your knowledge, he will not be able to delete you from the account for 24 hours, which allows you the opportunity to remedy the situation and delete the thief before he steals your account, completely unlike the WhatsApp application.

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