Review of Covert PinPress Theme


Review of Covert PinPress Theme

Covert PinPress is what it says it is. It's a sneaky or covert method of imitating Pinterest on a WordPress blog. You might also describe it as a WordPress and Pinterest hybrid. You utilize a WordPress blog, but it has a Pinterest-like appearance.

Pinterest is a social networking platform like Facebook. It's a website where users may share photographs with others by pinning or posting them. WordPress is a blogging platform where bloggers can create content and share them online. With this specific Pinterest and WordPress integration, known as PinPress, you may choose the Pinterest theme in your WordPress blog so that your blog page opens up looking like a Pinterest page. Images are grouped similarly to a Pinterest page instead of the typical blog entries and advertisements.

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The use of PinPress

The most famous use of Pinterest is the online sharing of recipes by women who also have pictures of the prepared meals made from those recipes. However, in recent times, businesspeople have also used Pinterest to post pictures of their products and services online. And that's where the PinPress developers change WordPress so that Pinterest is included as a theme. Bloggers are free to publish any image that links to their blogs or websites as well as photographs of the products or services they offer.

When visitors hover their cursor over the images on the WordPress blog with a Pinterest theme (which is now called PinPress), they see three buttons that are recognizable to Pinterest users since they resemble the buttons on a Pinterest site. Those buttons have received likes, remarks, and repins.

The viewer is taken to Pinterest after clicking the Repin button, where they can repin your image and blog post while also providing a link to it.

The "Like" button on your post will take the viewer to Facebook, where they can like your post. Your friends can notice your relationship there.

When a viewer clicks the comment button, they are taken to the blog post, which includes a link to a website or landing page.

In other words, whichever button you choose to click will take you to the blogger's blog article.

By using PinPress, a blogger can increase the exposure of anything he wants people to see or read by driving viral traffic to his blog or website.

By automating traffic production in this manner, you open up yet another option for passive income.


Without a doubt, PinPress brings in visitors and links, and we all know that the more links a blog has, the better off it will be in search results. However, this is only applicable to those who are already familiar with blogging and how to create internet searchable blog articles.

The primary error of this PinPress website is that it assumes the user of this theme already knows how to manage his blog. Gaining access to this PinPress topic alone does not guarantee rising traffic. For instance, installing PinPress on your blog won't be nearly as effective as learning and putting the principles of site optimization into practice if you don't conduct any research on the phrases you'll use in your blog entries. This fact is not stated in the tutorial that accompanies the installation of this theme in the WordPress blog. It should be mentioned because a substantial portion of those who may be interested in introducing this subject may be new to Internet marketing.


When you install this product on your WordPress blog, you receive a bonus. You receive a multi-site and developer license, allowing you to use this theme on numerous blogs as well as blogs owned by other people.


The Covert PinPress is a respectable product in overall. It drives more traffic to your own website or blog. Simply make sure, however, that you do not overlook the other standard steps required to increase traffic, such as creating high-quality blog entries.

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