Solve all problems logging in to Telegram and how to communicate with Telegram technical support


Solve all problems logging in to Telegram and how to communicate with Telegram technical support

Solve all problems logging in to Telegram and how to communicate with Telegram technical support

Perhaps you, one of your friends, a family member, or even a stranger you do not know encountered on social media platforms and told you that there was a problem that occurred with him in his account on Telegram, specifically when he wanted to log into the number that he had. There are many problems that occur when someone tries to log in to The Telegram account, whether the number was previously used in an old account on the Telegram platform, or the number was new and not used at all, but despite this, when the owner of the number wants to create a new account, he faces problems when logging in, and among these problems, the phone number may be prohibited from opening a new account On Telegram, or Telegram may tell him that the number of attempts to open a new account with this number was many, so Telegram blocked the number temporarily, or perhaps you forgot the two-step verification password that you put on your account to avoid being stolen, and more reasons that can confront the person with the number to be used to open an account Telegram, so how do we tackle these problems.

the details

As you read in the introduction to the article that there are many problems that new and even old users face in Telegram while trying to open a new or old Telegram account with a specific phone number, whether it is an American or Iraqi number or any other fake number from any country, but it is very difficult People have to open accounts on the Telegram platform because of some errors and problems faced by their number to be used, and the reason for this is that Telegram imposes some penalties on fake numbers used incorrectly on its platform.

The most common problems that appear on the Telegram platform

There are many problems on the Telegram platform that face the user, and today we will learn about them together through this article, and the most prominent problems facing the user are:

Too many wrong attempts:

This type of problem appears when one or more people try to log in several times at the same time, which makes Telegram send more than one verification code to the number and thus this causes a temporary ban on the phone number for only 24 hours, and after this time you can log in again Using the same number that was blocked, but make sure that you log in quickly and without any repetition of the process of requesting the code, because many attempts can cause you to be banned again for a new 24 hours, and remember and be careful that as you want the number in order to activate it, do not forget There is someone other than you who may also be waiting for the time to expire in order to open the account with him. How do you know when the ban period expires? You should visit this following link and read the full article. But sometimes the problem can persist even though the number is not used by anyone. In this case, you must contact technical support through the links and accounts that I will leave to you at the end of this article.

Limit exceeded:

When you have a phone number and open an account with it and delete it a lot in the past few period, meaning whenever you open a new account, you come back and delete it. This leads to Telegram banning your phone number temporarily and not allowing you to create a new account because of your violation and deleting your account several times in a short period of time within a short period of time After several weeks of blocking your phone number, you can create a new Telegram account, but beware of deleting your account because this will lead to your phone number being temporarily banned as well, and you cannot open any account with it on the Telegram platform until after a period of time that Telegram determines by itself.

Your phone number is blocked:

In the event that your phone number was banned from Telegram, or Telegram deleted your account on the Telegram platform and then banned your phone number that you used to create your account, which was deleted, and you cannot then create a new account on the same number because of the ban that it was subjected to, and the ban here is permanent and cannot Cancel the ban on the number except by communicating with technical support and telling them that the number was blocked by mistake, and that the methods of communicating with technical support for Telegram will be mentioned to you at the end of this article.

Forgot 2-step verification password:

Many of us have activated two-step verification, which is one of the security methods used in Telegram in order to protect your account from theft when the thief gets your phone number and the code that comes to the number as well, but he cannot access your account on Telegram unless he can write your secret code that you set previously Inside your Telegram account, and many of those who activate these steps forget over time the code that he put on his Telegram account and don't know how to solve the problem. My friends, this topic is in short. If your account contains an email of your own for the recovery process and opening the account. If you forget the password, you can use the mail and open the account simply, but if you do not put an email, the solution is either try to remember the password that you set or do a reset Set the account and delete everything within a period of 7 days from the date of pressing the reset button on the account, and contacting technical support in this regard is not useful and they cannot help you at all.

The code does not reach the recovery email:

Sometimes when you forget the code for the two-step verification and when you use and request the code from Telegram, Telegram will send the code to the email designated for the recovery process in case you forgot your code, but you are surprised that the code does not reach the email despite the long wait for the message, but the message Do not contact the e-mail at all, here the only solution is to contact the technical support on the e-mail or through the account for the problems of logging in to the Telegram platform on the Twitter platform.

The timer does not appear when Telegram sends the code to the number:

Sometimes, while registering your phone number that you want to use to open an account on the Telegram platform, you are surprised that the minutes and seconds counter does not appear on the screen, and that Telegram tells you that it sent the code to the number, and although you wait for several minutes above the waiting limit, the code ( The code) does not reach your number, and the solution to the problem here is to contact technical support through the methods mentioned at the end of this article.

Tips about certain things that cause bans to your account and your phone number used

There are many mistakes and things that a person does that cause the deletion of his account and the ban of his number, which are:

  • Beware of activating the sources on your main account because it will be subject to deletion and blocking of the number.
  • Stay away from creating accounts and deleting them directly with the same number, because that causes a ban on the number.
  • Stay away from the many attempts to log into Telegram with the same number, because this exposes the number to the ban.
  • Beware of repeated and long messages, because this exposes you to a ban on the Telegram platform, and it is possible to delete your account and block the number.
  • Beware of abuse within the Telegram platform, because this exposes you to deleting the account and blocking the number used.
  • All banned Telegram numbers can be unblocked while communicating with technical support properly.
  • Accounts that have been permanently deleted from Telegram cannot be recovered, unless they are not in violation.
  • Beware of writing the name of Telegram instead of your personal name inside the account and of changing your picture to a Telegram picture because this causes the deletion of your account and a ban on the number.

Ways to contact technical support for login problems.

There are several ways to communicate with technical support directly, and it is worth noting that volunteer support cannot help with such matters at all, and that the topic is directly related to the official technical support of Telegram.

  • You can submit your problem to the Twitter login problems account by clicking here.
  • You can raise your problem through the support form by clicking here.
  • You can contact them through the emails in this publication, click here.

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