Solve the problem of too many wrong attempts when logging in to Telegram

 Solve the problem of many wrong attempts when logging in to Telegram

Telegram is one of the best and most popular instant messaging applications at this time, as Telegram, which is the most prominent competitor to WhatsApp, is characterized by an abundance of features within it, due to the company that developed the application improving Telegram features through new and continuous updates within it, and Telegram features include many unique features Which is not available in WhatsApp or it is not yet available and can be added within WhatsApp later, which makes it a suitable application to perform many other tasks such as saving articles and links for viewing later, setting reminders and more beautiful and useful features that help many people daily in performing their daily tasks.

However, when some people want to log in, several problems will appear to them, and we have previously explained these problems and their solutions in boring detail, but today we will talk about a specific problem that many people who wish to log into Telegram suffer from, whether they want to open a new account or an old one they have, Except that it is a problem of many wrong attempts in Telegram.

Solve the problem of too many wrong attempts when logging in to Telegram

the details

Solving the problem of many wrong attempts in Telegram when logging in is very easy and does not require any complications in the matter, but before we start knowing the way to solve it, we must know the reasons that lead to this problem and how to avoid it:

This type of problem appears when one or more people try to log in several times at the same time, which makes Telegram send more than one verification code to the number and thus this causes a temporary ban on the phone number for only 24 hours, and after this time you can log in again Using the same number that was blocked, but make sure that you log in quickly and without any repetition of the process of requesting the code, because many attempts can cause you to be banned again for a new 24 hours, and remember and be careful that as you want the number in order to activate it, do not forget There is someone other than you who may also be waiting for the time to expire in order to open the account with him (this is in case the phone number used is fake or temporary).

How do you know when the ban on the number used is unblocked?

Dear reader, you should know that Telegram has provided a way by which you can know when the ban time imposed by Telegram on your user number ends, whether it is your personal number or a fake number that you obtained from one of the applications or websites for fake numbers or any other method such as Telegram bots, This method is done through your visit to this following link and reading the entire article developed by the Telegram company in order to understand the method correctly, but here we will add to you some important words from within the article of the Telegram company on its official website.

  • In the event that you have the site in English or any other language, you can change the language either through the settings of the Telegram company’s site, or you can also use Google translation to fully translate the Telegram site in order to understand the content inside it in a correct and understandable manner.

The steps that you must take in order to know the time remaining to unrestrict your number used.

There are some modified versions of Telegram, and of these copies are YemenKram, Telegraph, Telegram Plus and others, they show you the time remaining to try again, but not always, as there are some fake numbers on the sites due to frequent use, they show you the time remaining to cancel the temporary ban on the number , But if the time does not appear for you, you must follow some steps that you must do, dear reader, in order to cancel the temporary ban on the number used, and these steps are:

  • Enter the Telegram Web site by clicking here.
  • Attempting to log in to Telegram using Telegram Web, with the same number used in attempts to log in using the application.
  • The site will tell you that the number is temporarily banned and you cannot use it. It will also show you the number of hours or minutes remaining in order to try again later in order to log in with Telegram with ease.

Some things you have to keep in mind.

  • You should also know if you are using a fake number that there are other people who may be waiting for the time to expire in order to use the code again, just like you.
  • You should know that many attempts to enter the phone number several times and request a code several times on the number may lead to the number being blocked again for another 24 hours.
  • Sometimes the problem can persist even though the number is not used by anyone. In this case, you must write to technical support through their accounts to communicate.

Ways to contact technical support for login problems.

There are several ways to communicate with technical support directly, and it is worth noting that volunteer support cannot help with such matters at all, and that the topic is directly related to the official technical support of Telegram.

  • You can submit your problem to the Twitter login problems account by clicking here.
  • You can raise your problem through the support form by clicking here.
  • You can contact them through the emails in this publication, click here.

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