The best features of Telegram Telegram A full explanation of how to use Telegram

The best features of Telegram Telegram A full explanation of how to use Telegram

Telegram is one of the best and most popular instant messaging applications at this time, as Telegram, which is the most prominent competitor to WhatsApp, is characterized by an abundance of features within it, due to the company that developed the application improving Telegram features through new and continuous updates within it, and Telegram features include many unique features Which is not available in WhatsApp or it is not yet available and can be added within WhatsApp later, which makes it a suitable application to perform many other tasks such as saving articles and links for viewing later, setting reminders and more beautiful and useful features that help many people daily in performing their daily tasks.

What are the best features of the Telegram application that make it a competitor to the WhatsApp application?

The Telegram application has a lot of awesome and beautiful features that the platform manufacturer has added inside it, which allowed users to use the Telegram application widely and in various fields, including work, study, and many areas that prompted people to use the Telegram platform instead of other platforms because of the features it offers in addition To protect the privacy of users unlike some other platforms such as Facebook.

Connect with people nearby in your same geographical area via Telegram

The Telegram application allows the search for people near you to add people near your geographical location in which you currently live, and the search is generally whether it is searching for men or women. Also, when you create a group, users in the vicinity will be able to join it easily and without any Problems.

You can find people near you by clicking on “Contacts” and then clicking on the “Find people near you” option, then a list of nearby people or groups will appear arranged by distance.

- To achieve this, you must activate the GPS location service in your device so that Telegram finds your exact location and the location of others who have activated the GPS location for them as well.

Disturbing messages in telegram

Telegram has added a feature that allows the user to easily obfuscate a specific text or highlight texts of his choice, so that he can click on it to reveal its content at any time.
To do this, the user must select a part of the text before sending the message and then choose “Shading” or Spoiler, so that the text will appear shaded or garbled.

The feature of automatic deletion of messages in Telegram

A feature that provides Telegram users with the ability to activate the automatic deletion of messages and conversations after 24 hours, 7 days or a month, according to what suits each user.

Edit and replace photos in Telegram app

The Telegram application allows the ability to modify or replace images after sending. If you have sent a wrong image or forgot to write the text you want on it, you can easily modify or replace it with another image without having to send the image again.
To do this, all you have to do is press and hold on the photo you sent and click on the edit option at the top as if you were editing a text message after sending it, and then a built-in photo editor will appear in which you can add filters, crop the image or replace it with another.

Interact with messages in Telegram through emojis

It is one of the best features of Telegram that has been added within the application recently, so that the user can now click on any message while communicating with a friend via Telegram, and then choose between many emojis to interact with in order to express his opinion on this message, and while the emoji interaction feature works now In personal conversations within Telegram, administrators of groups and Telegram channels need to activate the feature to allow followers or subscribers to interact with messages by entering the channel or group settings and then entering the interactions feature and choosing the required emoji and then pressing Activate, and users can choose the emoji that they can Interact with messages and posts.

Upload multiple profile pictures in Telegram

The Telegram application allows the feature to upload multiple photos for your profile, while there is a main profile picture that your contacts see, but they can scroll to see the rest of the photos, where you can take a new photo or upload an existing photo from your phone along with the ability to search on the web Or remove your current picture, and you can click on your profile picture and click on the option set as main picture and add additional pictures, in addition to that, you can put a picture that you previously placed among all these pictures that you put in the profile without having to delete the new pictures, as you can dear Reader put a short video clip that acts as an gif in your profile.

Video stickers for telegram

Telegram features also include the ability to create animated emoji stickers from regular videos, where users can create animated stickers using any video editing app, and users can publish their new emoji stickers within the Telegram sticker bot.
- You can enter the Telegram bot to create stickers of all kinds by clicking here.

Use multiple accounts in Telegram

The advantage of using multiple accounts at the same time is one of the best features of Telegram, where you can use more than one account within the application at the same time in order to separate between your personal and work life, for example, without the need to use another communication application, all you have to do is click Information Your connection and then choose to add an account, and then you register using the new account as if you are registering for the first time.
If you want to change your phone number, Telegram can do so easily without having to transfer your contacts to the new number, as you can easily change the phone number associated with your account without losing any of your chats or contacts, all you have to do is open Settings, then click on the phone number, then click on Change Number and follow the information that Telegram mentions to you. This will transfer all messages and contacts to the new phone number easily and without any problems.

Translate messages in the Telegram app

The in-app message translation feature is one of the latest Telegram features that allows users to translate messages to and from any language without having to rely on an external translation app.
To activate the subtitle feature, all you have to do is go to Settings, then Language, and toggle the switch next to Language to activate it. You can also delete the languages ​​you know from the list of supported languages.
- If you are a translator and a professional in a specific language, you can also participate and work for Telegram in translating and improving Telegram for the better, by clicking here.

Schedule messages and send messages without alerts in Telegram

Telegram allows scheduling messages to be sent at a later time, and you can send silent messages without sound when you do not want to disturb the recipient of the message, and these features also work within channels and groups in the application, and the option to send silent messages without sound is an ideal option if you want to send a message to your boss while you know that In a meeting, or if you want to send an important message to your friend when he is out with his family, for example.
You can schedule messages or send a silent message in Telegram easily, by writing the message, but instead of pressing the send button directly, you have to click and hold on it to show you the schedule and silent message options to choose from them exactly what you want with ease.

Hide your last seen on telegram

The Telegram application also allows the user to specify who can see your last seen within the application, by entering the settings and then clicking on the privacy and security settings, then clicking on the last seen and then you can choose to either share it with everyone or people in your contacts list or no one or Adding specific people to not share with them and vice versa.
There are similar options regarding sharing your phone number or profile picture.

Using Telegram Proxy server proxies

If you want to use Telegram in a country where Telegram is not available and that may be banned at the level of this country, instead of using one of the VPN applications to change your IP address, the Telegram application provides a Proxy Server feature built into the application, which means that the Telegram application contains a feature to change your address from one country to another to avoid blocking or weak networks.

To use this feature, you need to enter the Settings, then data and storage, then proxy settings.after activating it, you will need to type a number of required data.

Get real-time notifications in Telegram

Smartphones prevent applications from running in the background to prevent the consumption of phone and battery data, which sometimes delays notifications of new messages coming to you and does not appear until you open the application again.
If you want the Telegram app to continue working in the background and get notifications coming to you in real time, all you have to do is go to Settings, then the notifications and sounds option and click on The Keep Alive option to activate it.

Group video calls in Telegram reach up to 1000 people

Telegram Telegram group video calls allow up to 30 users to broadcast video from the camera and screen at the same time, and it can also be shared with up to 1000 people to watch in Group calls, which allows lectures, concerts, be held directly through the application. Telegram said that it plans to allow an unlimited number of group video calls to join in the new updates of the Telegram application.
Screen sharing with audio in video calls in Telegram
The Telegram Telegram application also provides the ability to share the screen with audio while making video calls even between only two people, which allows, for example, the possibility of sharing a live video while playing, for example, Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox and other games, and when activating video calls in Telegram during any call, the user can swipe or drag to select the camera or screen sharing, with the possibility of using the video preview to make sure that everything is fine before live streaming to followers.

Video messages in Telegram

The video messages feature is one of the unique features in the Telegram application, as it allows sending a short video message easily similar to sending a voice message, and the new update of Telegram Telegram offers a higher resolution of video messages with the ability to click on it to expand it, and clicking on an expanded video message pauses it to give the user the opportunity to fast forward or rewind the message if one of the words is lost.

Telegram users can record a video message video message by clicking the microphone button in the chat bar to switch from recording voice messages to video and vice versa, with the ability to press and hold to record and then click the camera icon to return again to the conversation, telegram said that the sound of the phone, device or computer will continue to play while recording the video message, for example, so that the user can sing with one of his favorite songs, for example, or reply to a visual message without the need to turn off the podcast he hears, and the feature now allows clicking to zoom in while recording with the rear camera.

Telegram is an alternative to the clubhouse Clubhouse app

Telegram Telegram users can have an experience similar to that provided by the clubhouse application, through a popular instant messaging application, the Telegram application, where Telegram features include the ability to convert any group into a group voice chat.

Telegram groups are considered one of the most prominent features of the Telegram application, as they allow up to 200 thousand members to join, with the presence of Administrators with various powers, with the possibility of sharing a link to the group also similar to sharing a link to a room in the Clubhouse Clubhouse, in addition to supporting the feature working through Android phones, iPhone and both Windows and Mac devices, in addition to supporting the use of the feature in Android phones when working on another application, where a microphone icon appears on the main screen allowing participation in voice conversation via Telegram when the application is in the background.

- Note that the group on Telegram, when the number of its subscribers exceeds 200 thousand members, it will automatically switch from a communication group to a radio to broadcast to the members within it, with all the powers of the moderators remaining within the group.

Preview Messages in Telegram through widgets on the screen

Telegram Telegram allows users to add widgets widgets on the Home screen to easily communicate with friends through the application and see new messages, and this feature is now available for both Android and iPhone users.

Telegram provides two Widgets tools, one of which displays conversations or the latest messages from a group of people specified by the user, and the other displays only the names and photos of users, so that the user can communicate with them easier and faster, and iPhone and Android users can add the Telegram Widget by long pressing on the main screen and then clicking on the “widgets” or the (+) button in iOS and selecting one of the two tools.

 It is also possible from within Telegram to transfer personal conversations, channels, or even groups and bots individually on the main menu by pressing the command to create a profile thumbnail on the main screen of the device.
Organize chats in folders or files within Telegram
The Telegram application provides the feature of classifying chats in different folders, in order to organize chats and facilitate access to them, where you can, for example, set a folder to include all chats from work colleagues or your family messages and other messages that you receive.

You can create as many folders as you want and add both personal chats or work chats and channels to the selected files, all you have to do is head to the application settings and click on the files or folders option, you can also request the files you created recently, but the default file that contains all the chats will always be the first file in the list.

- This feature is available in modified versions even before it is available in the official Telegram version itself.

Channels in the Telegram Telegram

The channels feature in Telegram allows the possibility of broadcasting messages or content to a large audience, and any user of the application can create his own channel to broadcast content with a special link and a special image, and then others can subscribe to it and when publishing any message or new content they will get alerts with everything new.

Play video in a pop-up window while browsing other applications

One of the features of Telegram that allows using video as a video player is to support playing videos contained in chats in a pop-up window, so that the video or content in it can be watched while browsing other applications or working on another application such as Facebook, for example.

The user only has to play any video from the chats in the Telegram, and then click on the Switch icon to the video display mode in a picture-in-picture, that is, in a pop-up window on top of other applications, with the ability to press and drag to move the window and change its size or close it.

Telegram users on IOS can drag the video to the side of the screen to hide it and listen only to the audio.

Streaming video in channels and groups on Telegram through external programs 

The Telegram Telegram application also supports live video streaming in groups and channels through external programs, such as OBS & XSplit and others, which provides wider and more professional options for content makers and creators for live video streaming within Telegram.

Users can broadcast live video by external programs in Telegram by clicking on the options within any group or channel, then selecting “Live broadcast”, after which a broadcast window will appear from which select broadcast by “Stream with...” to copy the required data, and then use it in the external broadcast application. 

- You should know that the data that appears to you when the live broadcast begins should not be shared with any other person in order not to hack your live broadcast and not to display any content that you do not want.

Recognition of texts inside photos in Telegram

Telegram Telegram users for iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 13 and later and macOS devices running macOS 10.15 and later can take advantage of a wonderful feature, which is the ability to recognize texts inside images in Telegram chats and copy them directly, depending on the Live Text feature, all the user has to do is open any of the images in Telegram chats, then click on the “text” icon at the top in iOS devices to isolate the text from the image and then copy the text, and the Telegram application recognizes the Mac automatically detects the text inside the images and directly allows you to select the text and copy it very simply without problems.

Delete messages in Telegram chats on one or specific days

One of the hidden features of Telegram is the ability to delete messages in chats with others on a specific day or a specific period of time, by clicking on the date of the day in the chat window and then clicking on the “select days” button at the bottom, and then selecting the days or day on which you want to delete messages, and then clicking Clear History for today or Clear History for these days.

Content protection in Telegram: prevent saving photos, files, screenshots and posts as well

One of the hidden features of the Telegram application is the ability to protect content in groups and channels within the application, so that channel and Group owners who share exclusive content can prevent followers from saving their photos or videos, taking a screenshot, or forwarding messages containing the intended content.

This feature can be activated by clicking on the profile pictures of the channel or group, then clicking on the pen icon to access the settings, including the group type, and then activating the option to restrict saving content.

Telegram as a blogging platform

Since Telegram is a comprehensive application, users can rely on the Telegram application as a blogging platform or a platform for publishing blogs, as Telegram provides a service called, which allows a simple page to publish blogs, articles or text posts, with the ability to add images or include content from Twitter, YouTube, adding a video link or Tweet link only. 
How is that possible
The user only has to open the @telegraph bot inside Telegram to register with his account, in order to control and customize the posts, with the ability to view the posts and share them with others via the internet or via Telegram itself, and these posts support the instant preview feature for reading directly inside the application, the user can also rely on to publish anonymously, all the user has to write what he wants and then click on the Publish button. 

Telegram bots for different uses

Telegram Telegram features the bots bots feature, which are programs or mini-applications that work directly inside the application, where the application developer provides a special software interface that allows developers to create bots to perform various tasks, including the ability to upload videos directly by sending the link to the bot via Telegram, or even see the rss news feed from sites that the user is interested in.

While Telegram does not provide a bot store for Bots, the user can access them directly through the in-app search, he only has to search for the word Bot, and he can explore these bots through the sites nominated by them or their developers and others.
You can also access the bots page within our website by clicking here.
Or to download the Telegram guide application, it contains more than 250 channels and bots within the application at the moment by clicking here.

Download the latest version of the Telegram application

Users can now get the latest version of the Telegram application for Android users by clicking here.
IPhone and iPad users can get the latest version of the applications by clicking here.

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