Top 5 Ways To Fix Not Sending Token Code In Telegram

 Top 5 Ways To Fix Not Sending Token Code In Telegram

Telegram has seen an influx of new users recently. Many users often face difficulty in passing the registration process because they do not receive the code at the exact time required to log in to Telegram. Some users are unable to receive the code required to verify the account before you can use Telegram.

Top 5 Ways To Fix Not Sending Token Code In Telegram

It's probably your fault, and we'll help you fix it. Note that it may be a network issue as well, there are other ways to receive a verification code. It's worth noting that you'll need to enter a verification code every time you end a session, sign out, or reinstall the Telegram app. So, keep that in mind.

Some reasons why you can't receive the verification code

There are many reasons why you cannot receive the verification code, and in this article we will explain to you these reasons and how to solve the problem and make you get the code for the registration process on the Telegram platform.

1- Error in the network or signal

Telegram subscription codes are sent via SMS. So, if you are in an area where the internet is weak, or the network is weak, Telegram may find it difficult to send the verification code to your phone. The fact that Telegram depends on a strong Internet connection and that almost everything these days depends on the strong and fast Internet

To solve this problem go to a different area to check that there is enough fast and strong signal. You can also use an app like OpenSignal to find a better signal in your location and map the mobile towers near you.

To download the OpenSignal app for Android

Download the OpenSignal app for iPhone

2- Use a valid and working phone number

There are two problems that a person faces in this situation.

  •  It is whether you have entered the mobile phone number correctly. Re-examination does no harm to anyone.
  •  It is whether you are trying to use a fake phone number (a fake number) or a clone number to sign up for Telegram.

Some users try to log in with fake numbers but we don't recommend that as well as Telegram. Perhaps that is why Telegram does not send the verification code or send it to the wrong number or the original owner of the number in another country.

3- Receive a code within the Telegram app or via SMS

Are you logged into the same Telegram account you are trying to log into from a different device? If so, you must have received a code there on the first device within the account itself. In fact, this is the first option Telegram chooses when sending a code to avoid excessive financial costs when sending a verification code on the phone. Only when you don't receive the code on the other device do you have the option to receive the Telegram verification code via SMS or even a phone call.

If this is not the case with you, click on the “Send the code as an SMS” option and this option appears to you when it tells you that Telegram sent the code on your other account, to receive an SMS instead of since you. Maybe that's why Telegram doesn't send the code because it thinks you're logged in on another device, and instead of sending SMS, it sends the code inside the app.

Telegram will now send the code via SMS and read it automatically, provided that you have given the necessary permissions when entering your phone number in the app.

If not, open your favorite texting app or the default app that comes pre-installed in your phone and check the code sent to you by Telegram itself.

4- Receive the code via voice calls

Telegram also has the option to receive the code via a voice call. This method is useful as an alternative way to receive a Telegram code and verify your account if for some reason both the above options are not working.

You must display the “I didn’t get the code” button after the 3 minute time limit expired after requesting the code via SMS. Therefore, Telegram will send an in-app code if it detects Telegram on another device. After that, you will send an SMS and finally, you can get it via a phone call. Click on the link shown to you by Telegram, and in a few moments you will receive a phone call to get your code.

5- Do not ask to re-send the verification code too often

Sometimes, it takes time to receive the code via SMS or even a call. be patient. You can display the "Resend Code" option after a few seconds. What happens is that users click the button multiple times, thinking it will send the code to their phone faster, but in fact that's not how it works. The exact opposite may happen, and you may see a notification saying “Very fast”, which is evidence that you are repeating the process frequently within the Telegram.

If there is a delay in receiving the code, do not press the "Resend Code" button too many times too quickly. Click once if necessary and then wait at least a few minutes.

If you try to verify your phone number repeatedly and try to log in with it, you will get another message saying, “Too many wrong attempts, please try again later.” This is another thing to keep in mind.


Telegram continues to make waves in the world of messaging. Telegram is different from WhatsApp in many ways and even better in some ways. You cannot use Telegram without verifying your phone number, and you need the code to do so. Telegram works really well, and its setup process is very smooth for most users.

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