Turbotel or Turbogram latest version and latest update

Mods for Telegram, There are many and many mods for Telegram that have been widely published on the internet because of the Telegram Keys API available to everyone, any programmer can create a Telegram clone application and modify it and add the features he wants within the version simply.

Turbotel or Turbogram latest version and latest update

Turbotel or Turbogram latest version and latest update

Perhaps everyone is looking for an update to Turbokram or Turbobot and the reason is due to the great use of the Telegram application on the Internet, and after it became more popular than the WhatsApp version because of its protection of the privacy of its users and not allowing anyone to spy on their messages or photos within the platform.

Some wonder why Turbotel and not the many modified versions of Telegram available on the Internet? And do we dispense with telegram after installing Turbogram, the answer is because Turbotel or the so-called version of Turbogram is a modified version of the version of telegram itself. But it offers features that telegram does not offer, such as incognito mode and division of categories, for example, it places people, groups and channels separately, all of these features are found in Turbotel or the modified version called Turbogram.

What is the program Turbotel or Turbogram?

The turbotel program is a modified application for telegram, just as we find the official green WhatsApp version and you find a modified version of it in gold, for example, or any other version of the modified WhatsApp versions, and so the turbotel version is a modified version of Telegram, many features have been added inside it, The size of the program does not exceed 50 MB, and this version of Telegram has received a 4-star rating in electronic stores, with more than one million downloads from all over the world.

According to the results of the latest statistics, as Telegram, we all know that WhatsApp has become virtually unwanted after the recent updates that occurred in it. Telegram has become the most popular among social networking programs because it provides protection for all your privacy, and also offers some features that are not found in the official WhatsApp Therefore, I advise you, dear reader, to review the features of the Turbotel application before downloading it into your mobile device.

What are the advantages of Turbotel or Turbogram application?

You may be wondering, dear reader, what distinguishes the Turbogram program from Telegram? The answer, my dear, is that I will simply provide you with some of the following features, which are the difference between the two applications and are considered as features that distinguish the Turbotel version from the official Telegram version.

  • Ghost Mode: It is the most requested in all modified versions of Telegram, as you can read messages sent by others without the second correct appearing in the message to the other party.
  • It is as secure as the official Telegram and does not harm your Telegram account or even your Android device.
  • You can keep clicking on a member's picture in any group to enlarge it and see it closely.
  • Multiple forwarding feature.
  • You can log in with the token.
  • Very nice features and visual effects.
  • Supports the Arabic language and supports the entire divisions of all channels and conversations.
  • The anonymous message feature: You can use the feature in groups. You may want to reply to one of the messages in your group and don't want him to know that you sent the message "similar to the honesty feature".
  • Options for translating languages ​​in channels, groups, and profile descriptions are also available.

important note:

The latest update from Turbotel is absolutely excellent and available on Android devices and offers advanced features that support the nearby people feature that was previously found in your Telegram. I advise you to download the turbogram version and not the main Telegram with a direct link and a new look.

  1. There are no ads.
  2. The feature of hiding conversations, groups, and even channels and bots.
  3.  The feature of converting photos into posters, simply and easily.
  4.  Professional forwarding where you can forward messages without the person's name or other features appearing in the forwarding.
  5. And a lot of other features await you in the modified version of Telegram, which is the Turbogram version.

Application download links:

Download a copy from the file upload site

Download a copy from Mediafire

Download the version from within the telegram

Download the copy from Google Play

Download a copy from the link shortening site
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