What is the reason for the increase in views on telegram channels ?


What is the reason for the increase in views on telegram channels?

What is the reason for the increase in views on telegram channels?

Many of us have private channels on the Telegram platform that store and save their files within these private channels of photos, videos and other files of various formats and sizes, and some use these channels to save their personal information or photos, especially the girls who use the Telegram platform to communicate With friends or work, but many will be surprised that over time these private channels will have views on messages and posts within them, which causes fear and anxiety for the owner of the channel because he will think that someone has been able to enter the channel on Telegram and watch the content inside it, but the truth of the matter is not as They think, and this is what we will explain to you in this article in the form of a question and answer, follow us..

What does the eye icon mean in the telegram ?

You should know, dear reader, that every post or post on the Telegram platform has a display counter, this counter displays the number of people who have been able to see your message and to know to what extent this message has spread. Also, new views of your message will be calculated when someone transmits and forwards your message to a group of other people, as Telegram will record the views of these people in the view counter for the number of views on the post itself.

I own a private channel in which I put my information. Is this safe ?

Personally, we do not recommend putting your details and sensitive information inside the channels, but this does not mean that private channels are not secure at all, but there are some points of difference between private channels and the saved messages dedicated to saving files, data and all details on Telegram, as the private channels when deleting the account will It remains without being deleted, and that any post of the channel's link can be accessed and viewed by anyone, even if the owner's account has been deleted, unlike the saved messages because when the account is deleted, all the details will be deleted with him without any trace inside it.

Is it possible to put all the information in private channels instead of saved messages ?

Yes, it is possible to put all the details and information you want inside the private channels in the Telegram. I personally have 5 channels for my information and details, but you should be careful not to put any sensitive details that put you at risk in the future and you should take into account that the private channels can be accessed when sharing the private link or redirect one of the posts within it to any other person.

The channel is for me only and I see that the number of views has increased, what does this mean?

There is no need to worry, dear reader, about this topic, since Telegram itself explained in a previous article, and said that these numbers are approximate, and that Telegram does not want to keep a record of everything you watched, and that after a short period (4 days approximately) Telegram will forget that you saw the posts and publications and it will count you again That is why you may see that the number of posts has increased in your channel only on Telegram.

In short, the above words, the number of views that appear in the publications within the private channel are your views of the same publication, but at a different time.

Telegram's answer when the question was asked to her
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For those who don't know what Telegram is

Telegram is a messaging program that cares about speed and privacy, super fast, simple and free. You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time — and your messages will sync seamlessly across an unlimited number of devices including mobile devices, tablets or computers. Telegram has more than 500 million monthly active users and is one of the 10 most downloaded apps in the world.

With Telegram, you can send messages, photos, videos, and files of all kinds (doc, zip, mp3, etc.) with the ability to create groups that can have up to 200,000 members or channels through which you can spread content to an unlimited audience. You can also message your contacts and find people by their usernames. Telegram is a program that integrates SMS and email — and fulfills all your personal and business correspondence requirements. In addition to all of this, we support end-to-end encrypted audio and video calls, and voice chats in groups capable of accommodating a few thousand participants.

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