How to Use Telegram to Send High-Quality Photos & Video

 Many of us suffer from a problem within the Telegram, which is not sending high-resolution images with full accuracy within the Telegram, whether within conversations or channels as well. Today we will talk about the best ways to send images with high accuracy without losing the accuracy of these images.

Chat applications such as Telegram are used daily by millions of people on the Internet from different countries of the world, and one of the very common actions of subscribers when using these applications is sending pictures. Where the Telegram application allows you to share individual files up to 2 GB in the free version as well as files up to 4 GB in the premium version, which is much larger than other messaging platforms, but unfortunately, images are not always sent with the best quality within the platform, and in many cases It is sent automatically compressed in some versions of Telegram and thus loses a lot of its accuracy, which is something that no one likes at all. Therefore, sharing photos of your vacation or special moments with friends and family can be a daunting task for you! This is why we are looking for ways to avoid this from happening.

How to Use Telegram to Send High-Quality Photos & Videos

In fact, images are compressed on Telegram by up to 87%, which can lead to a significant loss of quality for that image to be sent. To avoid this problem, there are several ways to do this. But you do not have to worry and tired anymore about the topic of sending your photos in their original quality via Telegram, we will show you several simple steps using hidden settings that you will find inside your Telegram application using your smartphone and computer if you are using a PC to browse Telegram.

How to send high quality photos on Telegram

It is very simple, dear reader, all you have to do is apply some steps to send high-resolution images within the telegram. There are several ways to send high-resolution images, including:

First method:

  1. Open the chat or conversation you want to send photos or videos to on the Telegram app
  2.  Click on the attachment icon next to the message box at the bottom of the mobile screen
  3.  Then tap on the File option, which is next to the Gallery icon.
  4.  You will now have several options, choose Gallery, and choose the photos you want to share.
  5. Click on the send button, to send high-resolution images within the telegram.

Second method:

  1. If you choose the "Gallery" icon instead of the "File" that we explained in the first method.
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots at the top of your phone screen.
  3. Then select "Send without compression" to send the photos without compression. to take the same result.
  4. Thus by using these steps you can successfully send photos and videos on Telegram without losing their actual quality.

Third method

In some modified versions of the Telegram, when you choose an image from within the gallery and enter it, you will notice the appearance of a bar below the image, you can increase and decrease the percentage in this bar. Inverse of the 1% within the image in the percentile bar.

How to send photos in their original resolution on Telegram desktop (computer).

It will be a little different if you want to share photos and videos without compression and in full quality online using Telegram on your computer.

  1. Open a Telegram chat to send the photos you want to send.
  2.  Then click on the attachment icon that is located at the bottom of the conversation.
  3. After selecting the photos from your computer or user, click the Choose button.
  4. Now a pop-up window will appear in front of you on the screen; Uncheck the "Send compressed" option and send the file directly within the conversation.

  • As for sending videos, the steps are the same as we did with photos, but you will not see the option to compress the video because Telegram does not compress the quality of the video inside the computer. So send it without worry.

At the end of the article, once you follow these simple steps that we have mentioned to you, you will now be able to share media including photos and videos in their original quality without any interference within them with friends and family.

Links to download the modified version of the Telegram used in the explanation

Download a copy from the file upload site

Download a copy from Mediafire

Download the copy from within the telegram

Download the copy from Google Play

Download a copy from the link shortening site

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