Increasing views and followers of Telegram, Tik Tok and Instagram, awesome increases, and using the Telegram application only and in a new way

 Many of us are looking for ways on the Internet to increase followers - views - votes - interactions or even comments, whether fake or real for all social networking sites such as Facebook - Twitter Twitter - Instagram - tiktok and even Telegram, but Few find the right sites that provide this service, and because of the large number of these sites, it has become very difficult for a person to find a correct and effective way to increase the number of subscribers he has or increase views and other services that I mentioned to you a while ago.

So what will we use in our explanation for today and how is the way to use these services? Follow this article with us to find out all the details...

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Increasing views and followers of Telegram, Tik Tok and Instagram, awesome increases, and using the Telegram application only and in a new way

Increasing Telegram subscribers and the rest of the other platforms

Our explanation for this day is very simple and short, and we will tell you the best way currently to get subscribers and views for all your accounts, using the Telegram platform, through bots, specifically the Niyzokygram bot.

The new Niyzokygram bot is one of the most powerful bots on the Telegram platform for financing Telegram channels and all social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and other platforms mentioned within the Niyzokygram bot.

Among the tasks and functions provided by the bot are:

  • Splash and increase Telegram subscribers.
  • Splash and increase tik tok subscribers.
  • Sprinkle and increase Instagram followers.
  • Splash and increase Twitter followers.
  • In addition to increasing comments, interactions and views on accounts within the above-mentioned sites.

Today we will not talk in boring detail about this bot, because the bot has very many features and we cannot put it here so that there is no wrong order in the details of the bot, and therefore we will soon work on creating a new article with all the details related to purchases and ways to get followers from within Bot to your channel in Telegram and all your accounts on social media.

Information and details about the Niyzokygram bot

The name of the bot is Niyzokygram, modified and developed by the developer, Jundi Asmar, owner of the famous Niyzoky channel on the Telegram platform, which has more than 180,000 subscribers. Where he presents and displays all his works within the Telegram from the creation and development of bot development, as well as the provision of some paid services within the channel, which you can subscribe to by paying some money for them.

He is the same developer who made the fake numbers bot that we previously published to you on our websites and accounts on the Internet. Not only these bots are his, but the developer has many, many distinctive and beautiful bots available within his channel in the Telegram.

The link to enter the bot used in the explanation

To enter the Niyzokygram bot (click here)

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