Rearranging the sequence of images before sending them to Telegram- Hidden Telegram Features

 There are many hidden Telegram features, but very few people know about them, with the spread of modified versions of Telegram that developers independent of Telegram are developing for people, which added a beautiful touch inside it, and for those who do not know more about this topic, here are the details briefly.

Telegram is an instant communication application with high protection and encryption, and the main Telegram API keys are open source, meaning that all developers can create their own modified versions of Telegram and can also modify them according to their experience in programming applications, and this is what really happened within the modified versions of Telegram, where we see them competing in what Among them with the beautiful features that are added within them in order to attract more and more subscribers to these copies, and you may ask what the developer benefits from this topic? Quite simply, the developer will get a wide fan base of users and can earn money by displaying ads on this fan base that he has.

Rearranging the sequence of images before sending them to Telegram- Hidden Telegram Features

Hidden Telegram features, rearrange the sequence of images before sending them to Telegram.

Today, we will talk about one of the most beautiful hidden Telegram features inside some versions of Telegram, which is the feature of rearranging images before sending.

Certainly, one day, you select a group of photos from within the gallery of your phone, but you are surprised that the photos are not in the order you want, so you have to cancel all the selections and re-select again, and this is considered annoying, especially if you select a large number of photos.

Today, through this method that we will explain to you, there is no need to deselect the images in order to arrange them, but all you have to do is follow some steps in order to arrange them simply, knowing that the version that we will use in the explanation is the Telegram Plus version (download links at the end of the article ).

The steps you have to follow to rearrange the photos are:

- After you select a group of photos from within the Telegram gallery and you want to modify them, click on the three dots at the top right of the screen as shown in the image below.

- After clicking on the points shown above, several new options or commands will appear to you that you can use within the Telegram, and among these commands is the command to show the preview of the message, as shown below in the image.

- After pressing the command to preview the message, all the images that you have selected will appear, and by long pressing on them you can move and rearrange them as you want them to be in the sequence of selected images.

In this way, you can rearrange the images after selecting them within the Telegram without the need to deselect them, and this method is one of the most beautiful hidden features of the Telegram.

Links to download the Telegram Plus version.

Download a copy from the file upload site

Download a copy from Mediafire

Download the copy from within the telegram

Download the copy from Google Play

Download a copy from the link shortening site

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