Verify personal accounts Telegram ?

Verify personal accounts Telegram

 Recently, rumors spread within the Telegram platform about the authentication of personal Telegram accounts within the platform, and some of the subscribers within the platform began to believe that Telegram actually authenticates personal accounts, but in fact, this is not true. This is what Telegram said on its official website.

Verify personal accounts Telegram?

So where does this verification mark come from inside the personal Telegram accounts?

If you are a little in-depth with Telegram, you will definitely know what the special Telegram is, and what mark it puts next to the name.

Distinguished Telegram provides the distinctive asterisk and places it next to the name of the person who subscribed to the privileged Telegram. It also provided users with the ability to change this star to other signs, and among these signs is the authentication mark, which many believe that Telegram is the one who certifies these accounts, but in fact, these signs are Distinguished Telegram tags, and proof of that. When you click on the authentication tag on personal accounts, a message will appear telling you that this tag is for privileged Telegram subscribers and only those who can add it can add it, and not official documentation from the Telegram company.

Who can document?

Channels, bots and groups within the Telegram platform can be officially documented through the authentication bot that we have previously published to you, but in order to document your channel, bot or group, you must have verified accounts as a minimum of two sites or two accounts on social networking sites that are officially documented Or, if you have a website or an official Wikipedia publication that mentions your channel, bot, or group to be documented, you can also use it for documentation.

This is the only and official method dedicated to authenticating the Telegram.

Full explanation on youtube

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