Best app to get high resolution wallpapers

 Many people search the Internet for distinctive images with high resolutions, and also we receive many messages from subscribers and followers on all our accounts and websites asking where we come from the backgrounds of the images that we use in our explanations within YouTube, in fact we are looking for these images in Many websites on the Internet do not add any copyright to these images, which allows us to use these images in our explanations that we provide on YouTube and other platforms.

Best app to get high resolution wallpapers

Where can I get the background images that I used in the explanations?

In order to give you the images that we use in the explanations on YouTube and other platforms, we have created an application called high-resolution graphics images, and we previously created a Google Play account developer console google play and uploaded the application inside it to the Google Play platform, you can download the application from the links at the end This article.

Features of the application of high-resolution graphics images

The application has several advantages, we do not praise the application a lot because it is one of our applications on Google Play, but the features that I will mention to you are the features that have won the users’ admiration for the application from within the Google Play store and our channel on Telegram, and these features are:

  • The application is easy to use and in Arabic.
  • It has a beautiful interface, and the colors used within the application are harmless to the eye.
  • It contains more than one page for pictures.
  • It contains a special thing about high-resolution graphics images, and another special thing about various background images that can be used as a background for your mobile phone.
  • A simple and beautiful side menu with an order that enables you to communicate with us to add your photos within the application.
  • It currently contains more than 300 high-resolution images that were used in our annotations.
  • A new set of photos will be added soon within the application.
  • More features within the application.

Full explanation or advertisement on YouTube

download links

Download from Google Play

Download from Telegram

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