Create a wallet in TON currency and how to link it within the Fragment site Buying and selling usernames Telegram

 Some subscribers within the Telegram platform are surprised that Telegram deletes channels and user name that have not been used within the platform for a long time. Channels, groups, bots, and even personal accounts that are not used continuously within the platform, where Telegram previously reported in one of the posts of the founder of Telegram Durov in his channel on the same platform, where he said that Telegram seeks to develop and build a website for the sale and purchase of the four distinct identifiers and other identifiers within The Telegram platform, and indeed Telegram succeeded in creating a website affiliated with it on the Internet, which displays the strongest unique identifiers on Telegram, and users from different countries of the world can buy these identifiers in the electronic currency of the TON.

Create a wallet in TON currency and how to link it within the Fragment site Buying and selling usernames Telegram

In this article, we would like to share with you the direct links to the website for buying and selling privileged identifiers from Telegram, as well as the link to the TonKeeper wallet used to purchase these identifiers, in addition to some information and details about these updates that occurred within Telegram and its website specialized in the sale and purchase of distinctive identifiers within the platform Telegram.

Note .. We previously added these applications and sites within the JokerGram application that we created previously and published it to you on the Internet, and we previously created a Google Play account, developer console google play, and we will upload all these applications to the Google Play store.

Watch the prices of the distinctive identifiers within the website of buying and selling telegram identifiers

To view the unique user name available for purchase, you must first enter the website for buying and selling Telegram user name by (click here) or through the links at the end of the article,

The website’s mechanism is like an auction, where the user name will be calculated for the person who pays the most for it within a period of time, and despite the exaggerated imaginary prices inside the website, there are those who wish to buy it from the site and this is why Telegram is forced not to modify the prices of these user name Thus, the great benefit is due to the Telegram platform itself.

The prices of some user name range from more than 700 TON, and this price is very exaggerated.

As the price of $100 is equal to approximately 59.5 in the TON electronic currency, meaning that there are some IDs whose price has exceeded the $1350 USD!! This price is very high compared to the identifier inside the Telegram.

How to create a TON e-currency wallet

The way to create an electronic wallet in TON currency is very easy and there is no difficulty with it, as you can download the TONkeeper application and this application is a special application in the TON currency wallet, you can by entering the application, the application interface will open in front of you easily, you must choose to create a new wallet And follow the instructions that the application gives you in order to create your own electronic wallet in TON currency.

Note that the words that the application gives you when creating a new wallet are very important, and these words serve as an entry key to your wallet within the application or within the ton coin website.

How to get money in TON currency

Currently, there are not many common ways to get money for this currency for free because of its lack of fame and its lack of spread within the Internet like other currencies, for example, Bitcoin or any other electronic currencies, but you can charge your wallet from your personal money and then start trading using this currency within The application, by buying and selling it within the wallet application on mobile devices.

Full explanation on youtube

Required and used links in the explanation

Log in to the buying and selling site (click here)

To enter the Jokergram app (click here)

To enter the TonKeeper app (click here OR click here)

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