Download the latest version of Telegram Gold

 There are many modified versions of Telegram, but few of them are distinct from others. We have previously published to you a lot of modified Telegram applications and versions, and today we brought you a new version, which is the Golden Telegram version, the latest version and the latest update of the version.

Download the latest version of Telegram Gold

Download the latest version of Telegram Gold

The Golden Telegram version is one of the most powerful and beautiful modified Telegram versions, which is distinguished from other Telegram versions by many features available within the version, which you will find in the version settings list available within the application itself.

We will add to you the links to download the latest update and latest version of the Golden Telegram version at the end of this article, after the explanation for reviewing and downloading the intended version.

Features of Telegram Gold version

There are many features within the version, but the most common are:

  • Activate stealth mode.
  • Show deleted messages.
  • Show messages before and after modification.
  • Change the transmitted sound.
  • And a lot of features available within the version.

Full explanation on YouTube

download links

Download from file upload site

Download from mediafire

Download from Google Play

Download from within telegram

Download from a link shortening site

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