Download the latest Telegram Beta version

 There are many versions of Telegram, but few of them contain awesome features made to satisfy the user who is looking for beautiful features that he adds within his account on the Telegram platform, and because of the large number of modified Telegram versions, it has become difficult for the user to choose and specify the version he wants, but since we We are here, as we used to previously, to remind you of the most beautiful modified Telegram versions with terrible features within them, and among these versions is our version for today, which is the Telegram Beta version, the latest version.

Download the latest Telegram Beta version

The Telegram Beta version is one of the most famous modified versions of Telegram, as it contains many awesome features available in other versions of Telegram, as well as features that are not available in other versions such as Yemen Cram, Telegraph, Turbotel, and others.

Telegram Beta Telegram Beta is a version similar to Telegram Mod and other versions of Telegram that we have previously published to you, but with more awesome features that will provide a terrible service to the user while using this version to browse Telegram.

Say goodbye to the official Telegram, here is the best version of Telegram ever, fabulous features and very impressive capabilities. You can download the latest version from the links at the end of this article.

Install it and log in, then delete the previous version of the modified Telegram (do not delete the official one if you want)

Technical support group link for the copy (click here)

Some of the features of the Telegram Beta version are similar to Telegram Mode:

There are many features of this terrible version, but we will mention some of these features to you, namely:

  • Anti-spam in groups
  • Sharing a QR code on accounts that don't have a username
  • The ability to set a timer for automatic deletion of messages and conversations
  • Automated reply
  • Hide phone number
  • Translation of messages is integrated into the application
  • Text decoration is integrated into the application
  • Divide conversations into groups, channels, people, and bots
  • Go to a specific date in the conversation
  • The ability to change the voice during a conversation
  • activate vpn
  • The ability to change the font

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download links

Download the copy from the file upload site

Download from Mediafire

Download from Telegram

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