Download the new modified version of Alfagram from Telegram

 Who among us does not search for modified versions of Telegram that contain new and beautiful features that can be used in Telegram accounts, and because Telegram allows developers to create modified versions of Telegram that contain the features provided by the platform as well as the features that developers add within the version, which allows subscribers within Telegram to use awesome features Inside the modified versions of Telegram, and because we publish to you everything related to the Telegram platform, today we will talk about a new and awesome version of Telegram that contains beautiful features such as showing deleted and modified messages, as well as hiding the last appearance and other features that are present in the Telegraph version, NinjaCram, and YemenCram and other copies

Download the new modified version of Alfagram from Telegram

The Alfagram version is one of the most beautiful versions of the modified Telegram that contains very awesome features within it, which gives the user more aesthetics and greater services within the Telegram platform. Within this version, it is also possible to perform some commands that are not available in the official version of Telegram available on the Google Play Store or available on The official Telegram website.

  Among the features available in this version are:

  1. View deleted messages from conversations and groups
  2. Unlimited pinning of channels and groups
  3. Link your wallet and NFT holdings on your profile page
  4. Easy and convenient download management for the user
  5. Themes and background themes
  6. 3D dynamic chat
  7. Automatically group messages into categories
  8. A dynamic, wall-like interface to group the content of your subscribed channels
  9. Quickly scan the code to add friends
  10. It allows 20 accounts to be registered
  11. A translation bubble next to each message
  12. Incognito browsing mode (ghost) Hide reading
  13. And more features that were not mentioned in this article due to the large number of features within the version

If you are one of the people who are looking for modified versions of Telegram to try and use, do not miss trying this modified version of the official Telegram version.

Full explanation or advertisement on YouTube

Version download links

To download the version of Telegram

To download a copy from the file upload site

Download the version from Mediafire

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