How to make a screenshot (screenshot) of secret chats in Telegram

 There are many features offered by Telegram, but some users within the platform are looking for some way to make a screenshot in secret conversations within Telegram, and because this feature is not available in the original version, many people started searching for a way to make a screenshot For messages in secret conversations within the Telegram, all this is possible through our explanation for today

How to make a screenshot (screenshot) of secret chats in Telegram

In order to be able to make a screenshot or what is called a screenshot of messages inside secret conversations in Telegram, you must use a modified version of Telegram that contains this feature. We have previously published many modified versions of Telegram that you can use, but we will be more specific and tell you to use the version of Ninjagram, which is the link Explanation of its download at the end of the article in order to make a screenshot of the secret conversations within the Telegram

The method of work

There are no difficulties in the way of working. All you have to do is download the version of Telegram (Ninjagram), then open your Telegram account within this version, and then enter the secret conversation required to make a screenshot of it, and then make a screenshot of the conversation or photograph it using external imaging applications and all simplicity

Full explanation or advertisement on YouTube

Links mentioned in the article

To access the explanation link for downloading the Ninjagram version (click here)

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