Recover deleted Telegram accounts due to Telegram impersonation

 A lot of people have fallen victim to a trick inside the Telegram, and they have caused their accounts on Telegram to be deleted by technical support with ease, or their personal accounts on Telegram may have been deleted by mistake, and for this reason many people are looking for a solution to this problem, and is there hope for recovery Deleted accounts in Telegram? Continue reading this article with us to know the details

Recover deleted Telegram accounts due to Telegram impersonation

In this article, we will talk about the only and effective way to recover your deleted accounts due to your impersonation of Telegram, and it is also worth noting that Telegram deletes the account of everyone who impersonates them and also blocks their phone number so that they cannot log in again.

We have previously warned people not to change your personal name to Telegram or change the personal picture and put a picture of the Telegram logo because this will cause you some problems with the company, including deleting your account within only 3 seconds and blocking its number without prior notice.

What is the solution now and how can I fix the mistake I made in order to recover my personal account

Telegram has warned the user a lot within its own website as well as within its accounts on the Internet and within the platform also about the consequences of this act, but some fell victim to deception by others, and deceiving others will make it a reason to contact Telegram in order to restore the account and unblock our phone number . But how is that ? Follow with us...

How to contact Telegram technical support

We will now contact the technical support of the Telegram platform, and we will tell them everything in detail, but we will not tell them that we have changed the account information at our will, because this will lead to Telegram rejecting our request completely.

The method that we will use is that we will communicate with them and tell them that we have a friend or any other person you know who has told you and challenged you to change the name in your account and the picture as well to Telegram and you will get a prize, for example, or beautiful features from Telegram that the company offers you temporarily because of your support It has this you did, and you try to convince them of the subject after they answer you to the e-mail that you send to them

I will now arrange for you a code that you can use to communicate with technical support using their e-mail.

The code is:

Hello, Telegram

  my name is (***)

I made a fatal mistake that I made because of one of my friends, and this mistake made you delete my account on Telegram and block my number

Problem details

friend told me that Telegram will offer me some free features if I change my account name to Telegram and also if I change the account picture to Telegram picture as well

But I do not know that Telegram will delete my account if I change this information in my account. Please sympathize with me and reactivate my account and my phone number so that I can use Telegram again.

Please solve my problem, I use Telegram for work, study, and to communicate with others

my username (***)

blocked phone number (***)

To copy the code (click here)

After you write this code and add your details instead of each asterisk in the brackets in the code (***), you copy the entire code and send it to the technical support e-mail of Telegram

Notes you should know

  • The response time from technical support varies from person to person. They may be late in responding or not.
  • Every 3-4 weeks you can repeat the message for support.
  • The method depends on the extent to which you convince the support of your words and talk to them, and that the above code is a key to the conversation for the purpose of talking to them about the problem.
  • The success rate of the method depends on you, but we guarantee that the percentage is 65%.
  • The email for technical support that you communicate with is

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