The truth about the bot earning Saudi riyals on Telegram, and does it really give profits to users?

 Profit from Telegram, this is what many users of the Telegram platform are looking for on the Internet, and the fact that Telegram has not added any feature or method to profit from the platform directly, whether by displaying ads within channels or through other features. We know that Telegram has provided a feature to profit from Telegram for channel owners, but this feature is not available in all countries of the world, and the way this feature works is through donations and support that a person receives from users and followers he has on the channel. In other words, the work of this feature is similar to the work of the YouTube affiliation feature, but in Telegram it differs slightly. Today, we explained about a bot that was previously famous in Telegram, where it tells everyone that the bot offers fantastic profits to users on Telegram, by inviting friends to subscribe to the bot through your invitation link, and each person who participates offers the bot to you from 15 to 30 Saudi riyals!! And these profits are very high compared to the bot job!! How is that and what is the truth of this bot?? Read the article to understand the details.

The truth about the bot earning Saudi riyals on Telegram, and does it really give profits to users?

As you read in the title of this article, today we are going to talk about the fact that the Saudi riyal profit bot was famous and powerful within the Telegram platform, where the number of subscribers in the official channel of the bot has gathered more than 900,000 subscribers, by defrauding the subscribers and lying to them and telling them that they can win Money through this bot and using several methods available within the bot. Among the available methods are:

  • Earn money by inviting friends, and this is the most effective way.
  • Earn money by watching ads.
  • Earn money through the gift that the bot gives every two hours.

But in fact, this bot is fake, as it does not give any profits to users who collect the required number of profits within it. When a person reaches more than 2000 Saudi riyals and requests this payment from the bot, the bot developers put this person in the waiting list and do not respond to his request and do not send him any Amounts or profits he collected inside the bot in one of the ways that I mentioned to you a little while ago above. And that everything that is displayed in the bot withdrawal proof channel, whose subscribers exceed more than 900,000 subscribers, are all false evidence and are not true in the first place. Rather, they are all false evidence in order to push people to participate in the bot, because when they subscribe to the bot they will have to invite their friends to join inside The bot and the channel, and thus the owner of the bot obtains a high number of subscribers within his channels, and then uses these channels to support other channels in exchange for sums of money, or uses the channel for advertisements or for the purpose of selling them when it reaches a number of users specified by the owner of the bot, and in this way the owner of the bot has been able To laugh at many people in this way, and thus he can earn money through advertisements within the channel or by selling his own channels within the official channel.

On our website, we always warn our users to beware of fraudulent websites, channels, bots, and even groups and personal accounts on Telegram. Today, we would like to share this information about the fake bot so that everyone can beware of it and not get tired of trying to collect money through the profit Saudi riyal bot because it is a false bot. There is no credibility in their dealings with others at all.

Evidence of the bot lying and defrauding users in Telegram

We will attach to you some of the conversations of people who used the bot and when their profits reached the minimum withdrawal limit, their requests were not answered and were neglected by the bot developers, and this is conclusive evidence that the bot is false and untrue for the services it provides.

The first subscriber to fall victim to the bot's lie

The second subscriber is a victim of a bot lie

And for those who still have doubts about the truth of the bot, here is the following proof

The third victim

And after you saw the evidence of the bot's lies and lack of credibility, we want to tell you that you have two choices as to whether you want to use the bot or you want to report the bot and tell Telegram that this bot is fraudulent?! You decide.

To access the intended bot (click here)

Full explanation or advertisement on YouTube

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