Communicate with Telegram technical support via e-mail and solve all Telegram login problems

 If you are using the Telegram platform, it is possible that you will be exposed to a specific problem that all users on the platform have previously encountered, which is the problems of logging in to the account. With the spread of Telegram widely and widely, in which the number of users has exceeded more than 700 million users, many problems have appeared that have bothered many users who are trying to log into their accounts on Telegram, and from this problem is the problem of not receiving the verification code from Telegram and not receiving a phone call from Telegram for the purpose of registering the code and opening the account, as well as the problem of many persistent wrong attempts and some other problems such as blocking the user’s phone number, whether by mistake or not, and more problems that the user faces when trying to log in to the account on the platform. If you are one of the people who have encountered a problem logging in to the Telegram platform accounts, then this article is for you.

Communicate with Telegram technical support via e-mail and solve all Telegram login problems

We have previously published several explanations about the problems of logging in to the Telegram platform, including the problem of many wrong attempts that appear to some users, as well as the problem of the verification code not reaching the user in order to open the account, but we have published a link to the technical support page on Twitter and because some people do not have an account On Twitter, we have provided you today with the technical support e-mail regarding problems logging in to Telegram accounts, and we will explain to you in detail the method of communicating with technical support through this e-mail.

How to contact Telegram technical support via e-mail

To communicate with technical support on the Telegram platform, you must use your e-mail in order to communicate with technical support via e-mail, through the following:

  • Go to your Gmail application on your mobile devices, or you can open it through the browser that you use to surf the Internet.
  • Click on the message creation mark or the special pen mark to create a new message within the e-mail page.
  • Write the technical support e-mail in the recipient field (the technical support e-mail is:
  • Write the subject and it is like the title of the problem.
  • Then you write the description of the message in the field designated for the message in the e-mail, provided that you add the private phone number in your Telegram account, as well as do not forget to add the special country code to the number used, also do not forget to write the full details of the problem, and if you can include pictures that illustrate the problem, this will be more useful in order to solve the problem your own.

Notes you should know:

  1. Contacting technical support via the following email is specific to Telegram login problems only.
  2. Communication with technical support for Telegram is in English only.
  3. To get all technical support accounts for Telegram, do not forget to download the Jokergram application on Android phones, or you can visit our channel within the Telegram platform or our YouTube channel.

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