How to easily change photos of other people's accounts on Telegram

 With the continuation of the terrible updates in Telegram, it has become the strongest and most beautiful for users among all other communication sites, due to the security and protection it provides for the user’s privacy, in addition to the possibility of encrypting conversations completely confidentially and not allowing anyone to access these secret conversations in which you can activate self-destruction For messages or the entire conversation within the telegram. This is in addition to the terrible features such as Telegram Premium (distinguished Telegram) and the proxy feature (proxies) found in the modified versions of Telegram, and these versions have spread widely as all developers can create their own versions of Telegram similar to the official Telegram with the possibility of adding some new and beautiful features and additions inside Modified version of Telegram.

In the recent updates that took place in Telegram, many new features were added within Telegram, where the user can use it for free, and among these features is the feature of changing the image of your contacts and the image of any account on the Telegram to any image you want. To find out how, all you have to do is read this article.

How to easily change photos of other people's accounts on Telegram

I also told you that Telegram has added a beautiful feature within Telegram, which enables you to easily change the account picture of your contacts on Telegram, which is a new and beautiful feature. You can also suggest an image to your contacts in order to use it as a personal image directly, and with one click, the other party can use the image as a personal image on Telegram if he really likes it.

As we know that Telegram allows you to change the photos of your contacts and that the new photo that you put on the account will be only you who can see it and other people can not see the photo at all.

Now, some of you may ask if the person whose profile picture I want to change is not in our contact list, how can we change his profile picture? The answer is simply that you can add the required person to your contacts on Telegram, even if his phone number is hidden and you do not own it. When you add them to your contacts on Telegram, you can then change their personal picture, as well as you can suggest some pictures to them as well, in order to use them as their personal picture. On the account within the Telegram, but you should know that when you propose a personal photo to them, they will know that you have added them to your contacts, and as soon as you remove them from your contacts on the Telegram, the photo that you put on the account of the other party will be removed simply and completely ease.

I will briefly mention the topic to you again before I mention to you the explanation and the way to change the images.

Replace profile pictures: Profile pictures of your contacts are replaceable; Where you can set a photo or video for them, only you will see it.

How to change the profile picture of your contacts on Telegram

You can replace the photo for a contact by:

1- Open the profile of the entity whose photo you want to change.

2- Click on the three dots at the top of the screen, then choose the “Edit” contact command.

3- After that, the page for changing the name of the contact will appear, in addition to new buttons below the name. As shown in the picture below

4- As shown in the image above, you can, through the first button, propose a photo to this contact in order to use it as a personal photo. As for the second button, you can change the personal picture of the contact to any picture that you want to appear with you only.

Here is a short explanation video provided by Telegram itself explaining this new feature

Full explanation or advertisement on YouTube

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