How to hide media on Telegram

 Telegram still surprises its subscribers within the platform with the new and awesome features that it adds within the platform, whether it is free Telegram or Telegram Premium (distinguished), Telegram has added a new set of new features in the latest update of Telegram, and these new features have been added to the free Telegram, as they are available to everyone without any Restrictions are the same as in Telegram Premium. As we explained and published to you in previous articles about these features, ways to use them, and how to take advantage of them to the maximum extent, within your account on Telegram. Among these features are new drawing tools, a new look for storage space in Telegram, assigning personal photos to contacts on Telegram, as well as hiding media. As for today, we will talk about the feature and the last addition that I mentioned to you, which is to hide the media on Telegram by obfuscating. How is that ?? follow with us..

How to make a media jammer on Telegram

As you know, dear reader, Telegram previously added the possibility of jamming and hiding texts within conversations on Telegram, whereby everyone can jam (hide) a specific text within a message on Telegram, and to view this message, you must click on the jamming mark that appears instead of the hidden text within the message on Telegram.

When hiding or obfuscating a specific text within the message, or hiding or obfuscating the entire message, this will make the other party receiving the message not be able to read the message at all unless he clicks on the hidden text in order to be able to read it, and the concealment will be in the message list and in notifications as well if notifications activated within the account.

An explanation showing how to make text jamming

This feature was used a lot on Telegram and had several uses, including not revealing the events of a specific story or the events of a specific update for an application or game on the Internet, where people can hide these details by using obfuscating texts on Telegram, but in the latest update Telegram decided to expand this feature And make it include the media as well, where you can now jam or hide a specific image on Telegram within conversations or channels and groups as well.

Media Blur: Pictures and videos can be sent with a shimmering blur effect in any conversation as it allows the contents to be hidden until the recipient clicks to view it.

You can apply noise effects by selecting your media from the 📎 attachments list, clicking the three dots on the screen, and choosing Hide Noise.

The same blurring effect can also be applied to text in messages or media descriptions.

Explanation of how media jamming works

In this way, we were able to learn how to obfuscate or hide media on Telegram with ease and simplicity.

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