How to know who interacted on posts in Telegram groups

 Telegram provides many features to users within the platform, especially that Dorov, who is the founder of Telegram, is constantly working on developing the Telegram platform by adding new and exclusive features in Telegram only, such as the distinctive Telegram feature that allows users to subscribe to the distinguished Telegram with a monthly subscription of approximately $ 5 or its equivalent in other currencies.

In Telegram, users can do many things, such as:

  • Chat with other people
  •   Share photos, videos and files
  • Find and join different groups
  • Use comments and likes to express approval or participate in conversations
  • Use comments and chat tags to tag other users
  • Use automatic replies and automated commands to respond to messages from users

These are just some of the basic interactions that users or subscribers of Telegram can do within the platform. There are many other interactions that can be done in the Telegram with additional applications and tools that allow the user to control them and add awesome features within the accounts on the Telegram ..

There are many other interactions users can do in Telegram with additional apps and tools. for example:

  • Use symbols and letterheads to format texts and messages
  • Find and add to favorites lists of people and groups
  • See interactions other people have with you, such as messages I've sent you and comments I've made
  • Use alerts and notifications to get notified when new messages or new comments are sent from other people
  • Find and subscribe to Telegram channels and bots that post different content
  • Using many tools that allow users to edit and format photos and videos that can be shared on Telegram
  • The response of actions or reactions to messages in Telegram

These are just some of the other interactions users can do on Telegram. Users can take advantage of many features and tools available in Telegram

What are the reactions in Telegram?

Reactions in Telegram are short icons that users can use to express coverage of the messages they receive. It allows users to choose from a range of different reactions to express their feelings such as supplication, wonder, resentment, sadness, and sympathy for the message they receive. These reactions can be used in groups and private chats on Telegram.

There are many reactions available in Telegram, such as:

😂: Laughter❤️: Love😍: Obsession 😊: Smile 😢: Crying 😡: Anger 🤔: Thinking 🙏: Prayer 🤷 ♀️: The trick

Users can use these reactions to express their feelings and cover the messages they receive in Telegram. These reactions can be found in many sites provided by the internet, and users can download and use them in Telegram.

Now we will tell you how to know who interacted with your message in groups within the Telegram

This thing is very easy and simple and does not require any complication in the way of showing the number and accounts of the interacting people on the messages by clicking once on the message to know the people who interacted with it in the group on Telegram.

After that, a list will appear that contains some commands that can be done on the message. At the top of this list, you will find a box containing the number and total number of interactions on the message, and it also contains the accounts of the people who interacted with the message using the reactions. As shown in the picture below

After clicking on the button shown above, a list of the accounts of the people who interacted with the message in the group will appear to you, and it will show you the types of interactions and the number of people interacting with all the reactions available in the group. As shown below in the picture.

In this way, we were able to know the people who interacted with the messages in the groups within the Telegram

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