The SEO Law Fellowship

 The SEO Law Fellowship

The SEO Legal Fellowship, a program that allows underrepresented students of color to work at a prestigious law firm during the summer before law school, has a community of current students and graduates at HLS. Four HLS 1Ls were recently interviewed to find out more about this chance.

The SEO Law Fellowship

What is the SEO Law Fellowship?

Mo: It’s a program that provides “0L” students a summer position at a law firm, plus two weeks of training as a cohort.

Sabri: It’s eight weeks at a law firm, with options all around the country. You get to rank your preferences. I think most of us got our first choice.

Mo: You did? I’m one of those people who didn’t get my top preference!

What is the application process like?

Gennie: You can essentially reuse the application since it is identical to the one you filled out for law school. However, in order to finally get accepted to SEO, you must have been accepted to law school and be starting in the fall.

Describe the SEO experience.

Gennie: For the first two weeks, everyone was housed together. You attend classes in the morning and network in the evening. You practice meeting lawyers and being at ease in firms as a result.

Mo: For two weeks, they bring everyone from throughout the nation to New York City, where you stay in hotels and spend every waking hour with one another. If everything goes well, it expands your friend network.

Marvellous: They also connect all the SEOs from prior years, they give you mentors which is a valuable part of the experience. Additionally, starting Harvard together fosters community.

Mo: Julian Castro (HLS '00) is one of the more interesting former students. And it's wonderful to be exposed to businesses early on and learn about their cultures. Due to my knowledge of the organizations I want to target, the 1L hiring process has been far less tense than I anticipated.

Marvellous: And SEO tries to foster the community on campus through coaching calls, other check-ins. Along with assigning us mentors, they also offered us free tutoring, assistance on outlining, and check-ins for 1L grades. I received the impression that I had additional backing outside of Harvard. It's a resource that is available to you at all times. without cost

The SEO Law Fellowship

What do you think were the benefits of doing SEO before HLS?

Sabri: I was actually able to write a brief and a memo before I got here, so it helped with things I was going to be working on in law school.

Marvellous: And using Lexis Nexis – four weeks of my summer firm job was using it for research.

Gennie: I had experience pulling public filings, so when I did the J-term Business Analytics class I had had that experience.

Marvellous: It’s a great network and a great way to set yourself apart early on. I feel like my law school experience is better for it.

Gennie: I think the network is the most fun part of it. You build connections with students at other law schools, and former SEOs in other years.

To whom would you recommend SEO?

Mo: Anyone should apply. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. If you fit the criteria, apply! In general I think it is important to prepare for law school. But I don’t think you need to read and prep cases all summer. It’s a personal choice.

Sabri: Additionally, make sure to relax before law school, travel or see family. Once you get here you’ll have plenty of work.

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