Modified versions of Telegram from official Telegram

 Modified versions of Telegram from official Telegram

They are distinctive versions made and developed by developers from different countries of the world, because Telegram is open source, and Telegram allows developers to create their own modified versions of Telegram using Telegram's open source API keys. The fact that these copies were made by different developers means that the features in them differ from one version to another. Another version depends on the type of version and the capabilities of its developer. You will find that there are versions of Telegram that support many, many features within it, while the other version does not support the same features, but may support other features, whether they are good features or not.

Modified versions of Telegram from official Telegram

In this article, and as I explained to you in the past few days about the modified Ninjakram version of Telegram, the version has been made available with its new and beautiful update, and everyone can download it and use it on devices with the Android system.

The Ninjagram version is considered one of the most beautiful and powerful modified versions, as it contains many features that have won the admiration of users of this version over the days that they use it.

The most important of these features in this version are:

  • The other party's inability to delete messages
  • Save restricted images in conversations, channels, and groups
  • Memorizing stories or stories
  • Ghost mode is intended to hide the last appearance and connection status

These are some of the features that characterize the Ninjakram version, and there are many more features that we have not mentioned to you.

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download links

To download the application from Telegram (click here)

To download the application from Mediafire (click here)

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