How to make a radio broadcast live within Telegram

How to make a radio broadcast live within Telegram

Live broadcast calls within the Telegram platform represent one of the most prominent advantages offered by this communication platform, as it provides an effective and secure means of group communication, whether for personal or professional purposes. Telegram was founded on the idea of ​​security and privacy, and it continues to develop new features that enhance the user experience, and among these features are live broadcast calls.

How to make a radio broadcast live within Telegram

 What are live broadcast calls?

Live Broadcast Calls is a feature that allows users to make group video and audio calls, where any member of a Telegram group or public channel can start a live broadcast that other members can join. This feature is very similar to other applications such as Zoom and Google Meet, but it is distinguished by its integration with the Telegram platform itself.

 How to use live broadcast calls on Telegram

To use live streaming calls, the user can follow these steps:

1. Create a group or channel: You must first create a group or channel if it does not already exist. This group or channel can be for any purpose, whether it is for personal or professional use.

2. Start a live broadcast: Within the group or channel, the user can press the “Start Live Broadcast” button from the options menu. The user will be asked to confirm the start of the broadcast, after which all members of the group or channel will be notified that a live broadcast is underway.

3. Join the live broadcast: Any member of the group or channel can join the live broadcast by clicking on the notification or by joining directly from within the group or channel.

Advantages of live broadcast calls in Telegram

1. Privacy and Security: Telegram is known for providing high levels of security and privacy, and live broadcast calls are no exception. All calls are encrypted, providing peace of mind to users.

2. Seamless integration: Live broadcast calls feature seamless integration with the Telegram platform, which means there is no need to download additional applications or use external services.

3. Technical support and continuous updates: Telegram is interested in constantly updating and improving its features, which means that live broadcast calls will continue to receive improvements that make them more effective and easier to use.

4. Flexibility in use: Live streaming calls can be used for multiple purposes, such as professional meetings, educational classes, family conversations, and presentations, making it a versatile tool.

 What are the uses of live broadcast calls in Telegram?

Live broadcast calls on Telegram have many uses, the most important of which are:

1. Professional meetings: Companies and organizations can use live streaming calls to hold remote team meetings, which facilitates communication and increases productivity.

2. Distance education: This feature is a powerful tool for teachers and trainers who want to provide lessons or workshops online, where they can communicate directly with students and present educational materials in an interactive way.

3. Public Events: Public figures or non-profit organizations can use live streaming calls to communicate with their audiences and hold seminars or awareness campaigns.

Challenges and the future

Despite the many advantages of live streaming calls, there are some challenges that users face such as the need for a strong and stable internet connection to ensure streaming quality. However, Telegram continues to improve its infrastructure and technology to provide the best possible experience.

In the future, live streaming calls are expected to see further developments and improvements, such as supporting a larger number of participants, improving audio and video quality, and offering more interactive tools to users.

How to make radio in channels and groups on Telegram

But now you can make a broadcast of the Holy Qur’an or daily religious prayers and supplications, whether the radio wants video or audio only. You can do whatever you want with it. But you must know that we clear our responsibility before God if you use this method incorrectly

Steps to activate radio within channels and groups

Now that you know and talked about live broadcast radio within channels and groups on Telegram, we will give you the steps in order to activate the radio correctly and properly within your channel.

Radio bot jobs

  1. - Playing the Holy Qur’an and serving you and your members.
  2. - You can play the Holy Quran in the group and also in the channels without interruption.
  3. - Support playing audio, videos, and live broadcasts.
  4. - Download from YouTube, Tiktok, and social networking sites.
  5. - Do the dhikr if you join me in the dhikr group.

How to activate the bot in groups:

  1.  First, add the bot to your group.
  2.  Upgrade the bot as a moderator with the required permissions.
  3.  The bot updates the administration list automatically.
  4.  Add the assistant account to the group.
  5.  Make sure the call is on

Note: If the assistant account cannot join the video chat, restart the chat.

How to activate the bot in channels:

1- You add the radio bot to the channel and group admin.

2- Increase the account of the assistant in the channel and the group as a supervisor.

3- You connect the bot to the channel and then send the following command to the group.

  • - /channelplay + channel ID or channel ID/

4- Go to the channel and then open the connection there after connecting

5- Return to the group and then send the run command, for example

  • - /cplay Quran live broadcast/'

With these steps, you will be able to start a live broadcast, but in the form of a radio broadcast within your channel or group

As we did previously on the Holy Quran Radio channel


Live calling on Telegram is a powerful and useful addition to the platform's feature set. With high security and privacy, seamless integration, and constant updates, this feature has become an essential tool for effective team communication. Whether you use it for professional, educational, or personal purposes, live calls on Telegram ensure a smooth and secure experience.

Full explanation on YouTube

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