Support folders and increase the number of channel subscribers on Telegram

Support folders and increase the number of channel subscribers on Telegram


Telegram, the app which is one of the most secure and popular messaging apps around the world, offers many features that make it a favorite among users. Among these features, Folder Support comes as one of the tools that can help users organize their conversations and channels effectively. Additionally, this feature can be used to increase the number of channel subscribers in innovative and effective ways.

Support folders and increase the number of channel subscribers on Telegram

The importance of supporting folders in Telegram

The folder support feature allows users to organize conversations and channels into different groups, making it easier to manage and keep track of content. Conversations and channels can be sorted based on category or importance, and this helps users quickly access the information they need without confusion.

Steps to set up folders in Telegram

Create new folders

1. Open the Telegram application: Open the application on your mobile device or computer.

2. Go to Settings: Click on the menu (three horizontal lines) and then choose “Settings”.

3. Choose Folders: Under Settings, you will find the “Folders” option.

4. Create a new folder: Click Add Folder and specify a name for the folder.

5. Select conversations and channels: Choose the conversations and channels you want to add to this folder.

Organize folders

1. Categorize conversations and channels: Categorize conversations and channels by type (such as work, friends, news).

2. Update folders regularly: Add or remove conversations and channels from folders according to the importance of conversations and changing priorities.

3. Quick navigation: Use folders to quickly move between different conversations without losing focus.

 Increase the number of channel subscribers using folders

 Content strategy

1. Create engaging content: Content is king. Make sure your channel content is interesting and engaging. You can publish interactive content such as polls and contests to increase subscriber engagement.

2. Constant updating: Keep your channel updated with new content regularly. Regular updates keep subscribers interested and attract more users.


1. Partnerships with other channels: Collaborate with similar channels to cross-promote. You can agree with the moderators of other channels to exchange mutual advertisements.

2. Use folders to group channels: Group your channels into specific folders and ask subscribers to follow your folders for a more organized experience.

 Analysis and follow-up

1. Use analysis tools: Take advantage of the analysis tools available on Telegram to monitor the performance of your channel. Track the number of subscribers, interactions, and type of content that attracts more subscribers.

2. Adjust strategy based on data: Based on the analysis, adjust your strategy to improve results. For example, if you notice that a certain type of content attracts more subscribers, increase the production of that type of content.

 The importance of interacting with subscribers

 Listen to subscribers

1. Interact with comments and inquiries: Respond to comments and inquiries effectively. This increases subscriber loyalty and helps build a strong community around your channel.

2. Conduct polls: Use polls to understand what subscribers want. You can ask questions about the type of content they want to see or topics that interest them.

 Encourage participation

1. Invite friends: Encourage subscribers to invite their friends to join the channel. You can offer incentives such as entering contests or getting exclusive content for new subscribers.

2. Share valuable content: Share valuable content such as exclusive news or useful information. This makes subscribers want to share the channel with others.


Supporting folders in Telegram is not just an organizational tool, it can be an effective way to increase the number of subscribers to your channels. Through engaging content strategies, cross-promotion, engagement with subscribers, and continuous analysis, you can achieve significant subscriber growth and attract a more engaged and interested audience.

Using these strategies intelligently and with attention to detail will make your channels on Telegram more successful and influential. Always remember that the key is to provide quality content and build a strong relationship with your audience.

What is the best support for folders currently available on Telegram?

Here is the best support for Telegram subscribers, a real increase of one thousand subscribers daily through supporting folders, and now we will mention to you the best support you can subscribe to if your channel is more than 7K and has real interaction on the Telegram platform.

All details regarding this support can be found at the end of this article.

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