What is the proxy inside Telegram and how does it work?

What is the proxy inside Telegram and how does it work?

In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in the use of applications that maintain privacy and security while communicating online. Among these applications, Telegram is considered one of the most popular applications, due to its advanced security features. One of these features is the use of a proxy. In this article, we will review in detail the concept of a proxy within Telegram and how it works.

What is the proxy inside Telegram and how does it work?

What is a proxy?

A proxy is an intermediary server that passes users' requests to the Internet, allowing them to browse the Internet indirectly. This helps improve security and privacy, as a proxy can hide a user's true IP address, making it more difficult to track their online activity.

 The importance of proxy in Telegram

1. Maintain privacy: By using a proxy, Telegram users can hide their IP address, which prevents their online activity from being tracked.

2. Bypass censorship: In some countries, there may be restrictions on access to Telegram. A proxy can help users bypass these restrictions and access the application freely.

3. Improved security: A proxy can add an additional layer of security by passing data through encrypted channels, reducing the chances of being hacked.

How to set up a proxy on Telegram

Telegram users can easily set up a proxy through the following steps:

  1. Open Telegram: Start by opening the Telegram app on your device.
  2. Go to Settings: Tap the three-lined icon in the top-right corner to access the Settings menu.
  3. Choose Data & Storage: In the Settings menu, choose Data & Storage.
  4. Proxy settings: Click on “Proxy Settings”.
  5. Add a proxy: Click “Add New Proxy” and fill in the required information, such as server address and port number.

Types of proxy available on Telegram

Telegram supports two main types of proxy:

1. SOCKS5: It is a popular proxy protocol that is distinguished by its flexibility and support for a large number of applications. SOCKS5 proxy can be easily set up and is a popular choice for users who want improved security and privacy.

2. MTProto: It is a proxy protocol designed specifically for Telegram. It is characterized by its high security and speed, and provides a smooth user experience without affecting performance.

 Benefits of using a Telegram proxy

1. Improve privacy and security: Telegram proxy helps protect your identity online and protects your data from hackers.

2. Bypass blocking and censorship: You can access Telegram in countries that impose restrictions on its use.

3. Improved speed and performance: A proxy can improve connection speed and stability, especially when using the MTProto protocol.

How can I connect to the proxy?

If you want to rely on a proxy to run the official Telegram (for security reasons or because the application is blocked in your country...) you can do so by going to the application settings, then choosing “Data and Storage,” then scrolling down and choosing “Use a proxy,” then activating it and entering its information.

If you are using a modified version of Telegram, you will find the proxy list in:

  • Some versions will be found in the version interface when you want to activate your account with them.
  • In some versions, you will find a proxy sign next to the search sign within Telegram.
  • In other versions, the proxy list is located in the side menu under Create a new channel.
  • Other versions of Telegram contain an automatic proxy that is activated without the need to enter its information.
  • Other versions of Telegram show Iranian channels belonging to a specific proxy when activated.

How can you get proxy information?

There are many channels on Telegram that publish proxies ready to be contacted directly, and one of the most famous and powerful channels in the field of publishing proxies is the (MTProto Proxy) channel, as it publishes the best, fastest, and strongest proxies that you can use within the Telegram application.

Are proxies safe or dangerous for my account and device?

Proxies are 90% safe, but there are some of them that display annoying ads within the Telegram application, and perhaps even pornographic content and ads are displayed when some of the proxies are activated. The reason for this is that these ads turn into financial profits for the proxy owner (the developer), and there are some of these proxies when they are activated. Several new channels will appear for you within your Telegram account. These channels are the rights of the proxy developer itself and will disappear if the proxy is stopped from working. We also advise our followers to use anonymous proxies to avoid problems that may occur within their account, such as stealing user data or spying on them.


Using a proxy within Telegram offers many privacy and security benefits, and can be an effective tool to bypass censorship and access the Internet freely. Whether you use Telegram for personal or professional purposes, setting up a proxy can enhance your experience and ensure that your data remains safe and protected.

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