How to backup files and chats in Telegram

 Many of us lost some files, whether they were photos, videos, audio clips, or even public or secret conversations with anyone inside the Telegram platform by mistake and could not recover anything from these conversations or files inside Telegram, and as we know that Telegram did not add any possible feature Through which you retrieve what was deleted by mistake by you or by other people within the platform. Except on computers, it is possible to back up files and messages from the Telegram within the computer itself, by following specific steps that can be done in order to back up the files and the entire conversation. But the question is, is it possible to backup files in Telegram mobile? How can you recover deleted files and deleted messages in Telegram? Follow the details in this article.

How to backup files and chats in Telegram

How to backup files and chats in Telegram

As we all know that Telegram has not added any feature in mobile devices that enables us to recover deleted conversations or files that have been deleted within Telegram by us or by the other party, even if it was by mistake, but today, due to the large number and spread of modified Telegram copies, we found a possible way Through it, back up files and conversations as well as settings for the copy used in Telegram, and it is possible to restore data simply even if the files were deleted by you in Telegram by mistake.

There are many modified versions of Telegram that offer this feature, but today we will talk about the latest modified version of Telegram that we have published to you on our channel and website, which is the Gold version of Telegram, the second version, which is one of the modified versions of Telegram that was published within the Google Play platform.

How to backup chats in Telegram

In order to backup files and chats on Telegram, you must follow these steps:

1- Download the Telegram Gold application by clicking here.

2- Open your account inside the gold version of Telegram and open the side menu inside the application.

3- From the side menu, choose the custom setup command.

4- Then a list of settings will open, we go to the end of the list.

5- We will find a set of commands called Save and Restore, and these commands are:

  • Save changes: This is for saving settings for the application.
  • Save database application: Here all the information about your preferences, secret chats and locked chats are stored in the Golden Telegram folder, all information is stored in the phone memory, so formatting your phone is not a way to retrieve the information.
  • Save all settings: This means saving the above commands together.
  • Restore the backup file: In case you have a file to restore the information that you previously collected using the above methods.
  • Reset: Restore settings.

6- You select what you want to back up and the conversations will be backed up inside the Telegram file on your device.

How to restore a backup file

In order to restore the backup of messages and conversations in Telegram, you must apply the same steps above, in addition to:

1- Click on the option to restore the backup file.

2- Click on the internal storage (device files).

3- Search for a file called Telegram inside the device.

4- When you click on the Telegram file, a file with the extension .xml will appear in front of us

5- Click on the last file, and the backup of the information you previously made in Telegram will be restored.

In this way, we were able to back up information, secret conversations, and the rest of the settings details in Telegram Mobile and using the Telegram Gold copy.

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